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Z_JeffProbstFebruary 11, 2019 22:09

Zwooper Choices: Survivor Endurance - Day 13 The First Merge boot


As the new tribes got to know eachother tribal lines started to blur

Will the Amura 2 be able to work their way into an alliance?
Or will they be picked off 10th and 9th?

In the First Immunity
Camp Cleanup

Winner: HKT 78
2nd: wwxcunner 78
3rd: Nates_Great 77

@HKT has won the first immunity and will move straight into the Final 9

wwxcrunner1: So first off all the chaos of today, there is a majority alliance and if I go this round, they will make the end. They were the ones wanted to stay Malosi strong.

Lets Head to Tribal

First of all an Immunity idol has been rehidden

Im Going to go Tally the votes and we will find out who has come in 10th place in Survivor Endurence

1st vote

2nd vote

3rd vote

4th vote

5th vote

6th vote

7th-10th votes and in 10th place in a 7-3


What do you think went wrong with todays vote?
I didnt play my cards right and played foolishly

Was their anything you could have done?
Yeah for sure. I made some bad moves early off

Are you excited to be part of the biggest Jury in Zwooper history?
Yeah :p

Do you have a clear Winner in mind should they make the end?
Mystery. I beileve he orchastrated my eviction and I respect it.

Do you think their is a goat in the game that will be taken to the end?
I think if people are smart they will take moto to the end.

Any parting word to the rest of the players?
GL :)

The Final 9

@Mystery (will check in a second)
@survivorfan1904 @AngelOfWater

on February 11, 2019 22:50
tried it
on February 11, 2019 22:15
big rip
on February 11, 2019 22:13
im still disgusted about how unfair these tribes were 0_0

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