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PuffsDecember 07, 2017 10:45

Zwenty4/7 | Anonymous 24/7 Choices | APPLICATIONS | Puffs & Bye

Zwenty4/7 will be the first Anonymous 24/7 Choices game!

The game will be the same length as a regular 24/7 game with 12 hour DCs.

The 13 applicants accepted will receive login info to their assigned Z_Anon account, with the game beginning on Monday, December 11th. Remember, this is an ANONYMOUS GAME, so please do NOT comment on this blog with your intention to play, otherwise we may be forced to drop you from consideration!

In order to apply, you simply need to contact me privately either through the Zwooper Messages or on my Skype( onemannoah ). Just send me a message saying that you're interested in playing and you'll be added to the list that @Bye and I will pick our cast from!

The game will be hosted by both myself & my co-host @Bye
The payouts you earn in this game on your assigned anon accounts(points and chips) will be transferred to your regular Zwooper account after the game is over. The winner of the game will also receive a year of VIP and a Gold Profile Award Card. Remember, maintaing your anonymous status throughout this game is ESSENTIAL, even once you've been evicted. If you are caught at any point in the game revealing your own identity or the identities of others in the game, you will lose your prizes/payouts AND may face other consequences from @Z_Moderation .

We will only be accepting 'applications' until December 10. 00:00 Zwooper Time. We will start contacting applicants immediately after applications close and the game will begin in the December 11th/12th area.

#zwenty47 #247anon

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