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ZCircleJune 11, 2021 00:02

ZCircle Season 2 || Round 3 || The Blocking


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It's time for the third blocking of the season!

The ratings have chosen...

@ZC_NoahSalvatore to be this rounds influencer

This round, Noah chose two people to join @ZC_Trinity to be up for blocking, with the remaining eligible players must choose one of the three unanimously to block.

Noah has chosen...

@ZC_JacksonSun & @ZC_TJP1122 to join @ZC_Trinity as nominees

Which means...

@ZC_Riot , @ZC_Brant , @ZC_Snazzmaster8 , @ZC_Matthew1125 , @ZC_Nieklaus & @ZC_Wolfwoodcp82 must now come to a unanimous decision on who to block this round, if they do not come to a decision, they will face a pancake draw to determine who is blocked.


The group HAS come to an agreement and chose to block...


Here's what they had to say:

Nieklaus: "NOW, I'm just gonna send in a decision straight up. We've all talked about this at some point today. She's called out 3 different people in this chat as someone who should go home. Has recently had a run in with what's proper language. And has all around been super dramatic in our house chat. She was on the bottom of the list for a reason and it just makes the most sense for us to come together and take her out. With that said, I'm locking in Trinity"

Wolfwoodcp: "I'm choosing to block Trinity because the drama caused today."

Brant: "Due to every conversation I've had today and the fact that two people have already locked in their decisions, this is easy. I'll block Trinity."

Riot: "I’ll block Trinity. We don’t condone racists in this house."

Snazzmaster: "Blocking Trinity. Agree completely with everything Nieklaus said"

Matthew: "This is probably the easiest decision all season so far, Ill be blocking Trinity because of the unnecessary drama caused yesterday on zwooper and in this game."

@ZC_Trinity has been BLOCKED from ZCircle.

Now the real question, was she playing as herself OR was someone catfishing...

ZC_Trinity was played by...


Trinity, in light of recent events this is probably for the best...


@ZC_Brant || @pikasadge & @SleekPuma
@ZC_Footy || @ABLaksh & @Formes4
@ZC_JacksonSun || @Nipple & @Nitu
@ZC_Matthew1125 || @MaloloLow & @Peyton
@ZC_Nates_great || @TheBreeze & @King_Canine
@ZC_Nieklaus || @JacksonSunshine & @sebby113
@ZC_NoahSalvatore || @IrishCraic & @goyard
@ZC_Riot || @Vin014 & @Crazyrockina
@ZC_Snazzmaster8 || @Spyder & @evanw919
@ZC_TJP1122 || @Bryce & @Logan_
@ZC_Wolfwoodcp82 || @cmgorilla & @Joshh


3rd Blocked: @ZC_Trinity || @Trinity2000 - @NoahSalvatore & @Allen
2nd Blocked: @ZC_Neme81 || @neme81 - @Sammy & @TheBreeze
1st Blocked: @ZC_Trinity 2000 || @Summerstorm - @Allen & @xFalsify

VL: [link]

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