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ZCircleFebruary 28, 2021 23:45

ZCircle || Round 3 || The Blocking

Attention Players! The time has come for the third blocking of the season...

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The ratings list this round chose...

@ZC_Daisy & @ZC_Mateo as the influencers.

As influencers it was their duty to agree on one person to block from ZCircle. If they could not come to a unanimous agreement, the pair would then face a wheel, the person who the wheel landed on would then be blocked.


The pair DID come to an agreement and chose to block..


Here's what they had to say:

"After taking everything into the consideration, the blocking decision fell on Nayvie-Sue. It came only down really to strong suspicions that you have won the first public advantage. Having two lives in a game like this is just too powerful. It is just to even out the ground for everyone else. I hope you will not take it personally because you are an amazing, fun person."

I'm sorry Nayvie-Sue but you have been-

Error Computer GIF - Error Computer Warning GIFs

The twist #BreakingUpIsHardToDo has been activated.

In the first week of the competition, Nayvie-Sue was voted by the publc to receive the #BreakingUpIsHardToDo twist, which granted her a second life in this game.

Which means Nayvie-Sue will reenter the game...

More announcements coming soon players...

VL: [link]

on February 28, 2021 23:49
Thanks Daisy and Mateo! and congrats Nayvie-Sue on staying!
on February 28, 2021 23:47
Oh you hateful little swines. Can't get rid of the ol' SueSue that easy

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