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ClashMay 31, 2020 00:57

The Challenge: WOTW2 | Episode 8: "F*CK OFF "

Team Pretty:
Ben | @Vlatemier
Jake | @JakeP
Joeyc | @joeyc
Jared | @jaredlannister
PJ | @TombRaider
Sean | @anaconda

Team Rookies:
AK | @ak47man
Allan | @toclafane
Chloe | @chloebb
Daniel |@XxDanielxX
Erin | @esickrey
Jimmy | @Jimmy
Sarah G | @Sarah

Team ORGers:
Andrew | @andrewmg97
Carson | @o_shit_its_a_rat

16th - George | @George
17th - Michael | @Micks
18th - TJP | @TJP1122
19th - Evelyn | @xoEvelyn
20th - Wicky | @Wicky
21st - Aidan | @Aidan
22nd - Tom | @xoElectraxo
23rd - Kevin | @BIGBROFOSHO
24th - Matt | @pickledshmilk
25th - Cooper | @cooperjames
26th - Joey2121 | @joey2121
27th - Danny | @wwxcrunner1
28th - Uj | @ujmlkio
29th - DoctorWho | @DoctorWho
30th - Nipple | @Nipple_Berry69
31st - Sly | @Sly1134
32nd - Josh | @doobee

on May 31, 2020 22:23GeorgeContent removed by blog moderator.
on May 31, 2020 16:58
joey/jake did not want me in lol. Joey and I are always super close in game...we where actually planning to vote you before you volunterd.
It matters because it's not the truth though lol
on May 31, 2020 12:31
you were going to get voted in, the majority was myself, ben, jared, and sean (once aidan left)
joey/jake wanted you in, sean wanted you in also
i was begged my multiple team mates not to throw myself in since you were an easy target to put in.
i dont see why it matters tbh but i'm stating the truth
on May 31, 2020 02:23
@George um you didn't save me, I was getting votes but I wasn't gonna go in lol. I was in majority the entire time on team pretty period.
on May 31, 2020 02:14
whats missing - i asked the tribunal to vote me in, they didnt. so i got my whole team to vote me, saving PJ who was the intended target. i wanted to flip teams but failed in the elimination.
i said goodbye messages to everyone and said "Nick - no words can describe how much u annoy me"

i cant believe that my edit has been INV the whole way through and then i got OTTN5!! that's how you pop off ladies.
on May 31, 2020 01:07
Jared <3

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