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ZCageMasterJanuary 31, 2019 22:45


Over the last 24 hours, you, the Zwooper public, have been voting to banish an Inhabitant from The Cage 8. I have counted and verified the results. Let’s break the news to the Inhabitants.


The public has made their decision.

I can now reveal that with 42.2% of the vote, the Inhabitant that will be leaving The Cage in 12th place is…

@chesskid – 42.2%
@RussellvsRob2019 – 21.7%
@ujmlkio – 19.3%
@kongowongo – 9.6%
@bestkwarteng – 7.2%

@chesskid , it is unfortunate to see you leave The Cage, but a decision has been made. You have been BANISHED.

With chesskid’s Banishment, the third Elemental Orb has been bestowed to one of the Inhabitants.

Congratulations @ChrisDWa , you have won the random prize draw for 50 chips! Those should make their way into your account soon!

Which Inhabitants will find themselves facing banishment today? And who will take over as the next Supreme? Find out soon…


on January 31, 2019 22:55
these 21% votes yikes seriously a lot of bitter voters
on January 31, 2019 22:48
@chesskid : omg...king of 12th. I'm the king of 11th

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