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DankDrakeApril 08, 2021 07:45

Tales From Somnium: APPLICATIONS!!!

This is a podcast. This isn't a group game. Instead of playing games, you have the chance to ACT!!!

My rising podcast Tales From Somnium adapts short stories I've written and turns them into podcast episodes! Each episode covers different genres, and voice actors/fans get to come in and play the characters while I narrate! And now...

Casting applications for the fourth episode of Tales From Somnium are here!

We've covered Mystery and Sci-fi, but now we're going to do 2 more genres... Superhero! (and Parody)

I'm looking for 6 voices; 3 male, the other 3 can be either male or female. Please apply if you're interested. Applications close on April 15, and I will finish the script either on the 15th or 16th. Good luck, and thank you for your participation!!!


on April 08, 2021 16:17
Since it's you... I wanna try

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