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Taekwondo10November 10, 2018 14:29

Sing For Your Life: Revamped II Meet #TeamDandy!

Hello Everyone and I would like to welcome you to the First of the 3-Part Cast Reveal of Sing For Your Life: Revamped!

As you know, applicants have been notified for Season 1 of the Revamped version of our game, and now we officially have our 15 Person Cast and Round 1 is underway!
In the Application Process, I had no say in who was being cast! That is because our 3 Judges will also be playing a coaching role, and it is extremely critical that Judges like who they are coaching. Judges were asked to rank players 1-15 in case any battles should occur between judges, for who they would like on their team.

Our first judge is Season 1 Judge and Co-Founder of this game, also the Proud Host of Dandy's Cube, I'd like to welcome, @DandyMikuu !

Dandy is the only original judge from Season 1 on our panel. Dandy has such an interesting music taste, that all of his Top 5 was only in his Top 5, so they were placed on his team...In no specific order, let's meet #TeamDandy!

@PacoP ! Paco's audition song was the Music Anime Remix of Rihanna's Toward The Sun!

The next person on #TeamDandy is...

@DannyT ! Danny's audition song was You're Somebody Else by Flora Cash!

The 3rd person on #TeamDandy is...

@Irishgirl ! Emma's submission song was Waving Through a Window, by the Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen!

The 4th person on #TeamDandy is...

@Brxan ! Bryan's audition song was Chuu's Heart Attack!

The 5th and Final Person on #TeamDandy is...

@Avalayne ! Nia's audition song was Fall Out Boy's Centuries!

And there you have it. That is #TeamDandy. We will also be having our other reveals throughout the day, but does anyone spot any pre-season favorites? You never know...

on November 10, 2018 16:34
Such a great team! Wish us luck and lotta fun ^_^
on November 10, 2018 15:10
which one was my replacement
on November 10, 2018 14:33
Woooo! #TeamDandy!

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