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AllenMay 04, 2021 22:05

⌛ | Reality Mxr 4: Back in Time! | Key Ceremony Information and Viewers Lounge Link!

Hey Zwooperoos!

There remains just 2 hours left until our LIVE Key Ceremony tonight! We will be handing out 16 keys to our lucky Mxrs for this season! Before we do the Key Ceremony, I want to say that if you do not receive a key this evening, I am truly sorry. Since the start of this game, the series has gained so much popularity, and it's hard to cut people who I know really want a chance to play. That being said, this isn't the last of Mxr! There will DEFINITELY be more seasons in the future, and I strongly encourage you not to lose hope if you don't see your name on a key tonight!

The Key Ceremony will take place at 0 ZT, and will be spread out among 4 posts, each posted in 15 minute incriments. Good luck to our 28 unique applicants, and we can't wait to kick things off!

To get exclusive first looks at what goes on inside the game before episodes are posted, AND to join the conversation before the Key Ceremony begins, click the link below to join the Viewing Lounge for this season!



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