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joeljohnson1255September 18, 2021 11:39

Orange Giveaway (Round 2 - The Question)

So as you might know, on reaching Orange level last week I had come up the Orange Giveaway for gifting 1500 chips.
Here is the link of the Round 1 Winners -

As said, Round 2 will contain only a SINGLE DIFFICULT question. It may not only be a little time-consuming but will also require you to think efficiently and logically to reach the correct answer. The user who can give the correct answer or the closest answer will win the Orange Giveaway :)

Here’s the question –

(Q) What was the exact number of messages I had on reaching orange level (the notification messages) ?

Information/Clues relating to that number/answer –

  1. The number doesn’t contain digits which repeat consecutively ( for eg: 123 or 121 but not 122)
  2. There are 5 types of messages that can be received on Zwooper without including the welcome message received at the start. (For eg: one type is pm / group pm)
  3. 2 of the digits of that number are even.
  4. The number of messages that cannot be calculated by looking at my adventures only makes up less than 1/4th of the total number of messages.
  5. Reached Orange level on Sept 6 at 13:35 ZT
  6. The avg of the digits of that number is between 4 and 6 (including 4 and 6, for eg: avg of 1274 will be 1+2+7+4 / 4)
  7. I converse with many of the users on Zwooper messages.
  8. Since the time I was gifted VIP by Jude on Sept 5, I haven’t bought any VIP items. (YES this is a clue lol)
  9. The sum (of the digits) of the sum of digits of that number is odd
  10. Ctrl+F could come in handy.
  11. The product of the digits of that number is less than the total number of the 3 least common type messages but more than that of the total number of 2 least common type messages
  12. I don’t delete messsages.

There are lot of information, clues and a little of misdirection all mixed together.
If done methodically and logically, the chances of finding the number goes from 1 in 1000 chance to 1 in 100 to about 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 chance.
It may or may not be as difficult as it looks.
Need less of math and more of logic :)

Do pm me the answer once you have one. Please do NOT comment your answer.

Of course everyone is welcome to try and find the answer. Do feel free to try it out and PM me your answer

Closes Sept 25 0ZT

on September 22, 2021 08:49
on September 20, 2021 01:56
on September 18, 2021 17:13
on September 18, 2021 14:58

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