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Nates_greatOctober 12, 2018 03:15

NBB Suport blog +catch up from me

So hey everyone, I know i really have no followers or supporters in any public game vers :( so hoping to maybe get some lol.
As of at the moment I will catch yu up what happen in week one. An alliance was exposed obviously by Dank Drake. Dank told chess and chess told twin. Chess attempted to portect Drake but mildly failed as he blamed it on me. obviously that got around so I try harded comp and took em dubz. There was a blow up in the chat where I later got chess to expose his list which then did not matter due to he got evicted :) NEXT: Donny, idk who he was/ is kinda easy round not much happen..... until the next challenge... OUR SAVIOR DANK DRAKE took them punishments and got our tribe ahead until... Twin took a disadvantage of getting a killer nom but ending challenge and loosing.... ssooooooo me es safe.. drop ur buffs... Good luck to twin and drake in the eviction :)

#TeamNate #NBB3

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