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GreenFebruary 23, 2021 03:43

✫ LS: Assassins vs Agents Episode 12 "eMERGEncy"✫

Previously, Malosi and Amura merged to become one tribe, Temana!
With a wild pre-merge game, things will only kick up a notch from here on!

The first individual immunity challenge was Dodo vs Zombie!

Congratulations Zoicy! You have secured your spot in the final 9!
As for the rest of you, someone will become the eleventh person voted out of this game tonight. Good luck.


11th: @SPYDER701
12th: @Footy | @Mikey
13th: @HKT | @Parrish101
14th: @Totaldramawwe
15th: @Helium | @NFReal45
16th: @shaneq | @IrishCraic
17th: @Nitu | @MissSuda
18th: @Justin | @Peyton
19th: @Jude | @a07strand
20th: @Logan_ | @Brayden

Game Link: [link]
Viewing Lounge: [link]


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