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shalwinOctober 13, 2021 09:01

Icons -Oh Willz Oh Dear Willz

First of all THANKK YOUU ZWOOPER FOR THE VOTES!heartYall make me blushhh <33333333333333
Okay so I believe I owe you all an update and explaination of What has been Happening in the gameeeee.

So the ICONIC Willz comes to me hours before the game starts and instantly offers me a final 2 and says I am his ride or die all that shizz,I was initially a little sus but then I knew he was a big Threat so its good having him to protect me ,Following That Willz created an alliance of Me ,Carson and ,Pens it was "His ideal f4" because I am pretty sure he thought he could beat all 3 of us (Which he would have ) I was fine to work with him but then after a point I realized that WILL OH WILL IS FRIENDS WITH EVERYONEEEEEE and I was like gosh we need him OUT A S A P. Plus this whole game until now He as been the leader ,He tells everyone what to do ,Who to vote and everything as gone according to his plan ,But he underestimated his allies and that my friend you dont do!!!!!!

That is why last round I decided its time to go get power and send WILLZ out of here so that we stand a chance ,Thus I decided to vote to keep tone instead of Pens because Tone could be a number for me in taking Will out and not vote Will for House icon ,However when the eviction was revealed and Will did not get both Public and House icon and The person he wanted to go didnt leave ,Boy oh Boy he knew his game came crashing down and for the first time in this game things didnt go according to his plan and he walked away and ROBBED ME OF THE SATISFACTION OF TAKING HIM OUT HAHAHAHA.

Regardless I wanted to say WILL YOU ARE AN ICONNNNNNNNN!!!! It was an honour to play with you and you made this gameeeeee super fun and intense sucks to see you go this way mate!!!heart

Bye Bye Zwooper ! Stay safe cuties ,I will come back soon with more updatesss!!!! <3333333

on October 14, 2021 01:06
I can now say since its been revealed that i left because Vin brought in Exile to save Swish after i took him out, exile is annoying but its bs when the first person voted out M3Lay didnt get the same chance, so its clear vin just didnt want swish to go and im not going to continue in a game that is tainted.
on October 13, 2021 23:10
@WILLZ14 what else is there? Your ego got hurt so you huffed and puffed your way out of the game. You came to me and claimed I didn't offer @M3LAY a chance to return in the by back which is not true and something you know nothing about. You tried to get mad and claim I was rigging this game when there 6 people sitting there working with me. For a grown man, you sound very small.
on October 13, 2021 12:11
sips tea
on October 13, 2021 10:34
This is actually a really good blog brother <3 Knew you would kill it in here!!!
on October 13, 2021 10:13
haha mate bit more to this story but ill leave that alone for now

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