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SpyderOctober 14, 2021 02:45

ICONS 9 | Plea for 8th Place - Updated

Hello Zwooper! I, unfortunately, have been nominated for 8th place after fighting my ass off all afternoon. What led to my nomination? WELL.

It all began with the face-to-face noms. I knew they were coming, just not when, and it really fucked me over that round. You see, my house, or old house, I should say, seems to think that it is still house vs. house, and I betrayed them by nominating Tone last round. When in reality........... that was the best way to save myself. BianLouise was pushing my name, and I wasn't sure if he had gained any traction. So, I reached out to my allies on the other side, mainly will. He was definitely in control of the other side, and I knew he could sway the votes onto Tone because, at that point, the mentality was aggressively house vs. house. My plan did work, and Tone went up for the second time in a row. Normally, I'm not a fan of renomming, but in this case, at least for that round, it worked out. I wasn't guaranteed numbers on the BianLouise plan, so I didn't vote that way. I knew Tone wouldn't be evicted because of his popularity, especially against pens4life, who bordered on inactive on a good day.

Then, Will quits, mainly because he didn't get either icon and the vote didn't go his way. BianLouise pulled out because of the natural disaster. Both exits were absolutely fabulous for my game. Bian kept pushing my name, trying to get me up, and Will was a massive threat. Swish entering the game was an interesting twist for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that basically, the entire cast celebrated his removal.

Fast forward to this round. Because of my allies, I caught word that literally the entirety of my house has created an alliance with one of the members on the other side, and has chosen not to include me. Well............ alarms go off at that point. I ask around and confirm the rumor that my name is being pushed. Isn't that a little interesting coming from the people who keep preaching STICK WITH YOUR HOUSE. After a long conversation with Stelios, I understand my position and plan my attack. I talked to two people, both of which said they would save me, thus tying the vote 3-3 and nominating my entire house.

WELL, that clearly didn't happen. One of my allies voted as they said they would, but the other forgot to change their vote. Had they remembered to switch their vote, I would've succeeded in nominating the entirety of Hotel Cecil. (Excluding Swish, but since he was evicted and no longer has access to the chat, I'm not counting him.) I specifically targeted jdc because it seems like he has been sheeping pretty much everyone throughout the entire game. He isn't playing his own game, he's playing everyone else's. Plus, he hasn't been nominated yet and has skated through so far, due largely to him not making any moves. Hopefully, this plea will break the other housemates free from their trance and put him up on the block next round

So, why should you save me? I clearly have influence in the house, and I'm not afraid to leverage that and use it to my advantage. I have known every killer nomination and house nomination, including my own, which gave me ample time to prepare and convince. I am not afraid to make big moves, unlike a few sheep (jdc), and I ALWAYS make things interesting. I never give up, and if you send me back in the house, I will make sure my targets go up. An instrumental part of doing is relying on you....... the public.


  • I've used bigger targets as shields
  • I'm set up well with my allies
  • I knew my own nomination ahead of time, which allowed me to launch a response
  • I've exposed jdc as a sheep
  • I've made big moves
  • I've avoided nomination points until now
  • This is my FIRST time nominated
  • This is Tone's THIRD time nominated
  • This is Stelios's SECOND time nominated
  • Both of them have been nominated consecutively

I ask you all to:
Evict Stelios or Tone

Vote for Spyder to win Public Icon

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you decide to save me. Any questions, comment below, and I'll respond as soon as I can!

Good songs to leave you on:

1. Feeling Good by Michael Bublé
2. Drunk, and I Don't Want To Go Home by Elle King and Miranda Lambert

EDIT: Confused my So many to choose from!

on October 14, 2021 22:41
This is bologna. ,I played my own game ,I'm the one that wanted pen gone ,my move
on October 14, 2021 08:32
Wish they could see our epicbhouse Cecil chat
on October 14, 2021 02:50
Miranda Lambert? EVICTED
on October 14, 2021 02:48
I never nominated tone get your facts straight
on October 14, 2021 02:48

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