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ToneOctober 14, 2021 01:45

Icons 9 Plea - Don’t Have The Energy For This Anymore

No, I'm not gonna create another damn fancy Piktochart. No, I'm not gonna load this plea with thousands of GIF's that make no sense and are only there for visual appeal.

What I'm gonna do is sit here and keep it real, and do it in a straightforward manner.

This game has been annoying so far, but things got so much better last night. Will quitting the game was incredible for my game as he was in charge of a select group of people and I have been his main target the entire game. With him gone, I no longer have an active power player gunning for me (for no reason, might I add) and I figured I'd finally get a little bit of power in this game.

That was, until I remember who the Public Icon for the round was.

You see, Carson was up Will's ass, and has pretty much been playing Will's game the entire season. Whatever Will wants, Carson follows, even if that means going against morals that he CLAIMS to have or if it means doing things that are terrible for his game. You see, coming into this season Carson was the main player that I wanted to work with in the game because we had just Final 2'd in a 24/7 together and worked extremely well together. However, Carson threw that all completely out the window the second the game started because Will decided I was someone that shouldn't be in the game.

Fast forward to this round where Carson approaches me early in the morning saying that he "has to killer nominate me" because he "knows I can survive this poll." The funny thing about this is I LITERALLY had a convo with him in the 24/7 game because he was heavily against nominating another player because they had been a nominee in the previous round and he was against nominating people who would be nominated twice in a row. That's fucking hilarious when you realize that this is my THIRD STRAIGHT TIME being nominated, and Carson is the one who SINGLE-HANDEDLY CAUSED IT. So much for morals!

With three players who were gunning for me all out of the game (Pens, Bian, Will) I genuinely think I am in a solid position in the game, and had Carson not been the Public Icon I would not have seen the block this round. If I can survive this third straight poll I enter the new stage of this game in a great spot with the number of people I actually trust far overtaking the number of people who are gunning to get me out. I know I've been pleading a lot these last few rounds but I truly believe this is the final push for me to solidify my position in this game, and with a little bit of power I am ready to make a huge splash in the game and take shots at those who stand in my way.

So please, vote to keep me in the game and vote me for Public Icon. I hope this is the last post I make before I'm in the Finale.

on October 14, 2021 02:53
Dissing on one of the queens of country music? Evicted.
on October 14, 2021 02:16
on October 14, 2021 01:53
Saved <3

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