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RiotNovember 30, 2021 21:58

I have something to announce. (Non Clickbate.)

This whole time, I've been hiding something.

I am secretly behind the @RobbedGoddess account.

yes.. it's true.

I am the real Shawn.

i've been using random pics I have of this kid off Facebook and calling him Shawn.

Every vlog/blog where you've seen us together, it's false.

im just super good at photoshop & not making mem walls.

im sorry for this shocking reveal..

but once Icelina called it out, I just couldn't keep up with the lie anymore.

im sorry to whom I've disappointed.

just remember, I'm the victim in this situation because I had to keep up a lie for so many years.


on November 30, 2021 22:08
on November 30, 2021 22:02
I knew you were bad shit crazy but this... it explains so muchhhhh........

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