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IcelinaJanuary 13, 2022 18:02


This is my first time getting COVID, which sucks. I am the 4th in my family to get it, even though my family members have been quarantined and they all have worn masks as well as myself.
my symptoms have been fatigue, sore throat, sinus pressure and a cough.

I am Double Vaccinated & Boosted, so my symptoms aren't terrible (hopefully don't get worse)
but this is a reminder, to make safe choices! I haven't went out at all but still got it
even making safe choices and being cautious about interactions and my health.

PLEASE GET VACCINATED/BOOSTED. Everybody is obviously entitled to their own right about whether
or not to get the vaccine, as it is a human right/choice. However, I highly recommend getting the vaccine, even if it isn't for
you fearing catching it yourself but helping it prevent being spread to your friends and family. You never know what health conditions/immunodeficiency problems people may have, so it's good to take extra precautions.

With all of that being said, I am hoping for a speedy recovery, and please remember to make smart choices,
and I'm wishing all of you and your families a safe, healthy, start to this new year!

Much Love!

on January 15, 2022 05:41
Congrats <3
on January 13, 2022 19:43
Hope you feel better soon!
on January 13, 2022 19:21
I hope you get better fast!
on January 13, 2022 19:06
I just tested positive a few days ago as well. Thankfully I'm also vaccinated, but my symptoms were pretty brutal for the first few days. I can't imagine what it would've been like having it without being vaccinated. Hoping everything is okay for you and that your symptoms are very mild and you get back in good health soon! <3

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