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VlatemierApril 17, 2018 02:47

High School Season 10 | Interview with @Micks | Discussing @RusselvsRob2019

on April 17, 2018 03:28
on April 17, 2018 03:03
we love a lying schemer but giving the public what they want yes gahd
on April 17, 2018 03:00
Sarah, 9:20
uk this isnt like
a call out blog like
a fuck you micks
Michael, 9:25 PM
mine wasn't a call out blog either. it was literally just a gif
9:26 PM
I know
honestly ur my favorite rival buddy
Michael, 9:26 PM
I agree. I've never had this big of a rival in a game before that I can remember
except in the cube but my "rival" didn't last all the way
I used to fight a lot with BBfan, but I've basically never played a group game with him before this
9:31 PM
in all star's two we'll fuck it up together
this game would be entirely different had we worked together LOL
Michael, 9:31 PM
ok true. I'd want to get a little better at comps so I could have more of a shot, but if AS 2 does happen I'd be down

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