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neme81April 06, 2018 22:58

High School 10 Episode 9 - "If I Go Home Due To A Twist I Swear To God!"

11th: @joey2121 (FANS)
--------- MERGE---------
12th: @Loudnesoverload (FANS)
13th: @km1997 (FAVORITES)
14th: @Lilly831 (FAVORITES)
15th: @Jason1runs (FANS)
16th: @Jqred (FANS)
17th: @Riot (FAVORITES)
18th: @BBswag (N/A)

Welcome back to High School 10! Last round, we saw face to face challenge and nominations results. At the end @joeye2121 was the next victim to be sent home. Who will be sent home this round? Let's found out!

At the next challenge, @Quillynn became the next School Leader, let's see who she nominates for eviction!

After original nominations
Nikki - 7 votes
Micks - 6 votes
Ed - 5 votes

We’re nominated for eviction but due to a temptation @eduardo245 acquired , everyone who was nominated was now safe and everyone whow wasn’t wasnow nominated. (Besides Quillynn who won SL and Peyton who has immunity)

@Quillynn chose to nominate......

Sarah (FAVORITES) - You are playing SO hard right now and thats dangerous for me. You say I can trust you, but you have given me 0 reason to believe that, last round you nominated me, this round I feel like you’ve been just saying whatever you can to try to get your way. You lied about Ed’s temptation thinking I’d believe it and when I didn’t you changed your story, then told me that I could just tell him I was saving him and then not do it so you could save yourself. How am I supposed to trust you after you threw who I believed to be your closest ally under the bus to me.

Tommy (FAVORITES) - I don’t want you to take this personally, but I just feel like you’ve been very fake, at least with me. I don’t believe you actually care if I stay or go which is sad, because I did really like you. You nominated me last round and I’m not putting up someone who hasn’t said my name, so I’m sorry.

Nomination Pleas:
@RussellvsRob2019: [link]
@superherotommy : [link]

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

#HS #HS10

on April 07, 2018 00:57
I will repost the link as soon as I can something went wrong don’t worry
on April 06, 2018 23:49
we love the fans
on April 06, 2018 23:43
#TeamSarah #HumanIguana
on April 06, 2018 23:09


Sarah- 2
Micks- 6 (Nominated)
Tommy- 1
Peyton- 0 (Immune)
TJ- 2
Ed- 5 (Nominated)
Nikki- 7 (Nominated)

Quillyn- 1 (School Leader)
NickG- 2
TotalDiva- 4

Eduardo used a temptation that made everyone nominated safe, so these becane the noms


Sarah- 2 (Nominated)
Micks- 6
Tommy- 1 (Nominated)
Peyton- 0 (Immune)
TJ- 2 (Nominated)
Ed- 5
Nikki- 7
Quillyn- 1 (School Leader)
NickG- 2 (Nominated)
TotalDiva- 4 (Nominated)

Quillyn then had to choose 2 people to nominate of those noms, and as you saw she chose Tommy and Sarah

on April 06, 2018 23:07
this nomset is tough...
on April 06, 2018 23:00
Image result for rupaul's drag race square gif
on April 06, 2018 23:00

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