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neme81April 04, 2018 00:28

High School 10 Episode 8 - "I Swear To God She Has Multiple Personality Disorder!"

12th: @Loudnesoverload (FANS)
13th: @km1997 (FAVORITES)
14th: @Lilly831 (FAVORITES)
15th: @Jason1runs (FANS)
16th: @Jqred (FANS)
17th: @Riot (FAVORITES)
18th: @BBswag (N/A)

Welcome back to High School 10! Last round, we saw the results of the first SL challenge with @eduardo245 winning. We also witnessed @RussellvsRob2019, @joey2121 , and @TJDawgiestlye being nominated in a face to face nomination alongside @TotalDramaDiva who is autonominated! Who will Ed nominate for eviction? Find out tonight!

@eduardo245 chose to nominate

Joey (FANS) - I already had a feeling that you were going to nominate me and I honestly don't trust you. You called me a floater even though I truly don't believe I am compared to other people that are still left in the game. I think you are a strong player and it would benefit my personal game.

TJ (FAVORITES) - It was a hard decision because we have built a relationship in this game and I really don't want to nominate you. Like you said, Face to Face revealed where people stand in this game and we have the same pattern of thought. Only thing is that I see Sarah as someone that the house hates and will always be a target before anyone else. I think you can survive a public poll and hope we can move forward after this.

Nomination Pleas
@joey2121 : [link]
@TJDawgiestlye: [link]
@TotalDramaDiva : [link]

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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on April 04, 2018 00:43
Loves my episode title
on April 04, 2018 00:43
Please keep me i already did my plea
on April 04, 2018 00:37
Good luck to the noms. My vote is easy, but good luck all!
on April 04, 2018 00:32
Plea will be available within the hour

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