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neme81April 13, 2018 00:00

High School 10 Episode 12 - "I Hit The Nail In The Coffin!"

9th: @Big_Brother_Fan (FAVORITES)
10th: @superherotommy (FAVORITES)
11th: @joey2121 (FANS)
--------- MERGE---------
12th: @Loudnesoverload (FANS)
13th: @km1997 (FAVORITES)
14th: @Lilly831 (FAVORITES)
15th: @Jason1runs (FANS)
16th: @Jqred (FANS)
17th: @Riot (FAVORITES)
18th: @BBswag (N/A)

Last time on High School we saw @eduardo245 take home the next SL and saw the school get lock down when a mysterious button appeared. Ed pushed the button and unleashed face to face nominations but pushing the button also made the votes a vote to save instead of a vote to nominate. Who willhe nominate? Let's find out.


[] = Nullified Votes

Sarah- 4
Micks- 3 (Nominated)
TJ- 3 (Nominated)
Ed- [5]
Nikki- 3 (Nominated)
Quillyn- 3 (Nominated)
NickG- 1 (Nominated)
TotalDiva- 0 (Nominated)

@eduardo245 chose to nominate

Micks & TJ (FAVORITES) - I have been nominating the both of you just about every round and something always happens to where you both end up staying and I waste 2 nominations on the both of yall. Putting both of you on the block just ensures that one of you will leave and it allows me to be able to target other people. You are both playing good games and both have public support.

Nomination Pleas
@Micks : [link]
@TJDawgiestlye: [link]

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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on April 13, 2018 21:37
@Icelina someone doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about but ooookay
on April 13, 2018 20:16
Saved Micks only because he's playing hard and because he is an underdog.
on April 13, 2018 06:14
Caillou is a weak ass bitch. He also looks like a cancer patient or a kid with progeria.
on April 13, 2018 00:40
Can I stop being tagged in this game lol I didn’t play so showing me as 18th is extremely annoying
on April 13, 2018 00:03
Can i evict both?
on April 13, 2018 00:01
Saved Mick's!

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