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craycrayayeOctober 11, 2018 18:10

Florida Panhandle & Surrounding Areas

Looking through some of the photos of those areas affected by Hurricane Michael and I find it hard to not tear up. The wreckage left behind by this storm has left towns resembling something nearly post-apocalyptic. Many people have lost their homes, pets, belongings, and some have even lost their loved ones as a result of the storm. The panhandle has never experienced a storm of this caliber. This has been devastating for those involved. If you are a religious person please pray for those affected. If you are not please send out positive vibes. I also implore you all to look into what you can do to help those impacted as well, as far as taking action is concerned. There are a number of different ways you can donate your time/aid, resources, or money to help these people rebuild their lives and cities.
My heart breaks.

on October 11, 2018 19:41
Thank you Ashley. I'm not in the panhandle, but I did experience damage from the storm. I'll be okay, but I know some people aren't, and I'll definitely be donating for the relief effort. <3
on October 11, 2018 18:14
Thank you for this cray. I'm not in the Florida panhandle, but the storm is in my path. I hope anyone on site isn't affected by this storm badly.

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