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DeanOctober 05, 2019 13:31

Escape Dean's Nightmare || WINNER REVEAL + Superlatives!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3 & 4:

PART 5 - Quiz on the Game
Once again, whoever finishes 3rd will recieve a strike. Xenia currently has 0 strikes, Peyton and Alina both have 2.

With 9/9 questions correct, and one of two survivors of Escape Dean's Nightmare S1....

@Xenia !!

Xenia, you slayed it girl. From being active socially, strategically and physically, You BROUGHT IT! And you get to leave with a nice and shiny pendant as memorobilia of the game!

Joining Xenia in the hall of fame, with 3/9 questions correct, congratulations...

@Peyton !!

Peyton, you gave it your all! You didn't hide behind alliances, or cause unneeded drama. You stayed true to yourself, and your natural charisma got you to the end.

Which sadly means, earning her 3rd strike, with only getting 1/9 questions correct, we have...


Alina, you were a force to be wreckoned with in this game. I was pleasantly surprised of how passionate and determined you were about doing well in this game. I hope to see you again in future seasons! ;)

Well that brings us to the end of the first season of Escape Dean's Nightmare! Xenia and Peyton were crowned rulers of Olympus, may they rule in peace and prosperity!

Now on to the superlatives. We have 4 big awards, each worth 100 chips each. We also have some minor awards to give out!

First Major award, 
The award for Biggest Strategist goes to...

@ncolston2001 !!
From destroying your alliance, to killing Sharon, you spent no time in this game without strategizing, you were so close to winning as well!

The award for Biggest Comp Beast goes to...

@Totaldramawwe !!
Tyler you came into this game with a fierce competitive spirit, and you showed what you were made of! Unfortunately, others saw you as a too big of threat, but you still played really well!

The award for Most Robbed goes to...

@vixen1985 !!
Vixen you were targetted from the get go, but kept pushing through, challenge after challenge, until eventually you couldn't give it any more. I think without the rocky start to the game, you could have done really well.

The final major award tonight, Most Surprising, goes to...

@AlinaVenus411 !!
Alina! How could I not give you the most surprising award. I'll be honest, I didn't expect you to make it very far, but you showed me, and everyone else that didn't expect you to get far, that you are winner in the making!

On to the minor awards tonight:
Biggest Villain - @ncolston2001
Biggest Hero - @SharonMaItems
Most Disappointing - @CocoV
Second Chance Players - @samgreen06 , @Callme_LOPEZ & @Caleb77
All-Stars - @SharonMaItems , @ncolston2001 & @Totaldramawwe

Congratulations to @Nicolas and @TheBreeze for winning 100 chips each for voting as a member of the public


on October 06, 2019 01:30
Winner: Peyton@Peyton
Winner: Xenia@Xenia

3rd: Alina@AlinaVenus411 [lost final challenge against Xenia and Peyton]
4th: Sharon@SharonMaItems [lost death duel against Peyton]
5th/6th: Nacho@ncolston2001 [lost challenge]
5th/6th: AK@ak47man [lost challenge]
7th: Vixen@vixen1985 [lost death duel against AK]
8th: Tyler@Totaldramawwe [killed by Athena]
9th: Caleb@Caleb77 [lost death duel against Tyler]
10th: Sam@samgreen06 [lost death duel against Vixen]
11th: Lopez@Callme_LOPEZ [lost death duel against Sharon]
12th: Coco@CocoV [lost death duel against Vixen]

Chart: thanks to @Peyton for is legendary charting skills!
on October 05, 2019 16:43
Great job Xenia and Peyton you both earned it.
on October 05, 2019 15:25
Congrats Xenia and Peyton!
on October 05, 2019 14:27
Congrats! @Xenia
on October 05, 2019 13:44
All chip rewards are in gifts :)
on October 05, 2019 13:33
Yay! Second game win! Congratulations @Xenia we did it :D

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