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DeanOctober 05, 2019 11:55

Escape Dean's Nightmare || Part 1 RESULTS

Here is Part 1: Jury Votes:

Welcome to the final of Escape Dean's Nightmare! We have the results for the first part, the Jury vote!

Each jury member got to rank the players in order they want them to win. 1st would get 3 points, 2nd would get 2 points, 3rd would get 1 point. Whoever has the lowest amount of points will get a strike. This format will continue throughout the challenges, and whoever has the most strikes will lose.

AK: Xenia, Peyton, Alina
Caleb: Xenia, Peyton, Alina
Nacho: Xenia, Peyton, Alina
Sharon: Xenia, Alina, Peyton
Tyler: Xenia, Peyton, Alina
Lopez: Peyton, Xenia, Alina

Which means, Xenia has won the jury vote, Peyton second, Alina, has come third and earnt strike!

Stay turned for Part 2!!!!

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