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DeanSeptember 08, 2019 12:52

Escape Dean's Nightmare || Episode One Summary + Draft still open

Welcome to Episode 1!

Allen, Crazy, Footy, Jax, Mystery, Sam, Tyler and Zach competed in a Gladiator style competiton (FS Royale) to earn there way into the game. The other 10 confirmed players also had a chance to earn a secret advantage. Tyler and Sam ended up showing enough determination to enter the game.

The twelve confirmed players are: AK, Alina, Caleb, Coco, Nacho, Peyton, Sam, Sharon, Tyler, Vixen & Xenia.

The players were then faced with a cyclops which was capturing players to be his bride. The players had to defeat his minions in 1-on-1 battles (they played Casanova). The player who defeated the most minions would win immunity, and the weakests players would be captured by the minions and given to the cyclops.

Defeating almost double the second placer finished, Tyler won immunity. Vixen, Peyton and AK were captured by the minions and taken to the Cyclops cave.

The remaining players were split into two teams, based on their performance in the previous challenge.
Tyler, Nacho, Xenia, Alina and Sam were one group, Lopez, Sharon, Coco and Caleb were in the other group. They had to complete a series of puzzles and riddles to obtain and sword and sheild respectively, to kill the cyclops.

Throughout this process, Coco and Sam were caught by the cyclops.

The remaining seven players headed into the cyclops lair, and attempted to rescue Vixen, Peyton, AK, Coco and Sam, but only managed to save Peyton, AK and Sam.

Vixen and Coco were the official players in the death duel.

Coco was quickly slaughtered by the cyclops, giving Vixen enough time to pick up the sword and shield left by the others to avenge Coco by beheading the Cyclops.

Vixen then noticed a chest behind the Cyclops had opening, and inside she found a bound scroll, but was unable to open it. Maybe it could be a clue to who is terrorising the island? Or who ordered the cyclops to come to the island? All she knew was there was only eleven of them left, and still many evil forces on the island - she knew in that moment, not everyone was going to survive.

Draft Standings:
1st/2nd: @Doll / @TheBreeze [19pts]
3rd/4th: @Trinity2000 / @Nates_great [15pts]
5th: @Trny [12pts]

It's not too late to enter players for the draft! But you can now only enter 3 people ;)


The chart:

on September 08, 2019 18:35
Wow! I having a good first week but can it keep going or was it just a fluke??
on September 08, 2019 18:00
@CocoV why would I do that? You were chosen in a Random draw, like Escape the Night is to compete in a challenge. Your two votes for being the weakest in the challenge weren't the only votes against you. I'm sorry if you don't like the format of the the worst performer getting votes but you knew what you signed up for. I did not rig you out you just fell victim to the predetermined format.
on September 08, 2019 16:52
I quit because you tried to rig me out..
on September 08, 2019 16:15
@CocoV because you can't handle the format that was clearly explained from the beginning? Literally nobody else has quit because of the format, you're the only one that didn't like it.
on September 08, 2019 15:59
Obviously I didn't submit a score because I quit the game. And we both know why
on September 08, 2019 15:17
@CocoV same thing. You still didn't submit a score and therefore lost the duel.
on September 08, 2019 14:20
I didn't lose the duel? i quit

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