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ScallyMarch 04, 2021 05:29

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This took me way too long to put together.
First I had to figure out how to layer together designs and not to mention going
through pages and pages of designs, but I think I got a decent result in the end.

What do you guys think?

( Putting the references below so I know where to find them )

Skin: MTattoo1 (250) - Page 4

Hair: SWMH2518 (275) - Page 9

Mouth: M5 Smile (95) - Page 12

Eyes: Side Brown (250) - Page 14

Shirt: Real Madrid Jersey (195) - Page 77

Background: Central Park (100) - Page 104

on March 04, 2021 22:25

@Trinity2000 Firstly I wasn't asking or expecting you to gift. Also I don't target actives knowingly.
You were the first voted out in the FS you're referencing and if you don't comment in the chat / message me how am I to know that you're not. Irish & I were the only two voting that whole game so as far as I was concerned everyone else was inactive.

@Zoicy Thank you so much! (+ check above comment)

on March 04, 2021 19:22
this blatant gift baiting atm im at a loss
on March 04, 2021 14:56
This avi will look cute, but like yeah just dont vote actives before inacts, it is horrible
on March 04, 2021 13:45
I would have been more inclined to gift you if you would not have skipped 7 inacts just to give me 10th.
on March 04, 2021 07:29

This is cute! I gifted you the mouth / shirt / background, unfortunately I can't gift VIP.

Hopefully you find some generous VIPs that might be able to help you with the skin / hair / eyes

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