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AllenSeptember 14, 2018 23:56

Dolphins Escape The Night | Episode 9 - "My Brain Hurts!"

Dolphin’s Escape the Night
Season 1 | Episode 9

Previously on DETN….

The house turned upside down when 3 players unexpectedly left the game. It wasn’t going to be easy to win the next task, but the players were ready to win, some more than others.

This week, there was a major twist. The players had the opportunity to win a challenge and have the power to swap a nominee out for one of
their choice. It was a significant power to win, making it that much more urgent to amp up the social game this week.

This week’s group task was a simple one. The guests had to get 7000 total points in the popular mobile game, Word Cookies!
This task is hopefully going to be easy. Let’s see the results….

2740! Really? I mean... really? Two of you didn’t even play. You can’t expect to win if you don’t even play. This AGAIN means you will have to sacrifice a player. However, I’m going to try and help you guys out. Only the two people who didn’t complete the challenge, Ari and Draco, will be up for elimination right now.

As I mentioned before, the swap twist is in play this round. Winning this competition allows you to replace one of the duelers with a player of your choice. Everyone is allowed to play. The competition is called Point Guard. I have screenshotted all of your stats. You will attempt to gain the most points by 0:30 ZT tomorrow. The person with the highest number of points is the swapper.

The swapper is….

Mystery! He has chosen to leave the dueler nominations intact.

This week’s duel is called “Save a Friend”. The guests must have people message me to save them. The person with the most saves wins the duel. With a whopping score of 1-0…

Draco wins the duel! This means Ari has been eliminated.

@Alanster || The Vocalist
@jasonthesurvivor || The Poker Player
@Mystery || The Connisseur
@ncolston2001 || The Dancer
@xDimentio || The Instrumentalist

@BuyAchair || The Princess - Episode 9
@DankDrake || The Technician - Episode 8
@Daisy67pet || The Commuter - Episode 8
@Swish || The Olympian - Episode 8
@Nathanswag9 || The Influencer - Episode 7
@Irishgirl || The Photagrapher - Episode 4
@Crazyrockina || The Designer - Episode 2‚Äč

#DETN #DolphinsEscapeTheNight

on September 14, 2018 23:56
#DETN #DolphinsEscapeTheNight

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