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AllenSeptember 08, 2018 19:10

Dolphin's Escape the Night | Episode 8- "I thought this was a double elimination."

Dolphin's Escape the Night
Season 1 || Episode 8

Previously on DETN...

We saw a dramatic turn of events as Nathan and Dimentio were involved in a tiebreaker and Drake returned to the game. At the end of the day, it was ultimately Nathan who was eliminated. Now, 9 guests remain, and they haven't wona single challenge. What will heppen next? Let's find out!

This round was very complicated. The round was supposed to be a double elimination if the group failed their task, which they did. DankDrake found a special advantage on my profile page that gave one player an extra vote at any elimination as long as they remained in the game. He choose to use it this round. Mystery, Daisy, and Swish were all put into elimination. Mystery had 4 votes, Daisy had 3, Swish had 2, and Dimentio had 2 as well. This is where things get a little wild.

For reasons I am not clear on, Swish was forced to leave the game due to personal issues with his family. My sincere prayers go to him and I hope he and his family are okay.

This left us with only one player needing to be eliminated this week. However, Daisy found out he would be out of town for a while, and thought it to be best to leave the game for the benefit of the group so he wouldn't bring them down.

At this point, since two players had left, both of whom were duelers, Mystery was now safe from elimination. But it doesn't end there. For whatever reason, Drake left all group games he was in for reasons unknown, and to further knowledge later on, decided to leave Zwooper completely. This was the third elimination, making it pretty much a triple elimination wthout it even being planned that way in the first place.

Now, there are 6 players left in the game. The group has not won any challenges, but since they are supposed to earn an artifact, for every sacrifice made, I have allowed them to have 6, since technically six players have been eliminated.

Now, the group faces their 5th group task in hopes of finally getting a win. Can they do it? Find out next time.

@Alanster || The Vocalist
@BuyAchair || The Princess
@jasonthesurvivor || The Poker Player
@Mystery || The Connisseur
@ncolston2001 || The Dancer
@xDimentio || The Instrumentalist

@DankDrake || The Technician - Episode 8
@Daisy67pet || The Commuter - Episode 8
@Swish || The Olympian - Episode 8
@Nathanswag9 || The Influencer - Episode 7
@Irishgirl || The Photagrapher - Episode 4
@Crazyrockina || The Designer - Episode 2‚Äč

#DolphinsEscapeTheNight #DETN

on September 14, 2018 23:34
#DolphinsEscapeTheNight #DETN
on September 08, 2018 21:34
Lol this has been a rough season. But would love to be a part of the next one. Hopefully, imgur works so u can incorporate images for next time.
on September 08, 2018 19:26
@Big_Brother_Fan This was a particularly bad situation, however Season 2 will be hosted, so there will be a better season next time.
on September 08, 2018 19:12
Yikes! Three quitters in one episode..
on September 08, 2018 19:12
#PokerFace wink

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