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AllenSeptember 03, 2018 02:22

Dolphin's Escape the Night | Episode 7- "Tiebreakers Galore"

Previously on DETN, it was revealed that Dimentio and Nathan would be going into elimination.

The Duel
The duel was a simple, old-fashioned vote. The duelers began going to work, campaigning for votes. In the end, tho vote was a tie, with there being 3 votes for each of them.

As a tiebreaker, they were given puzzle to complete:

Take the number of posts I’ve made and subtract the number of posts I’m tagged in. Multiply by 3. Ass the number of posts Runaways has made. Add the four digit number at the end of WildDawg’s username. Divide by 8. Divide by 7. Add the number of posts joeyc is tagged in. Divide by 3. Subtract the number of posts Trishy has made. Add the number of posts Ireks is tagged in. Divide by 6. Add 59.

The answer should have been 420. (I couldn't help myself hehe).

The witches had both of them tied up to posts next to a large cauldron. The witches untie Dimentio.

"You're free. Now GO! Before I change my mind!"

Dimentio runs from the room to rejoin the other.

The witches untie Nathan, and grab a hold of him. He tries to put up a fight, but it's no use. They throw him in the boiling water in the cauldron. He screams, but no one saves him. He melts away slowly, and is gone forever.

Dimentio: 59 minutes
Nathan: Did not submit

@Alanster || The Vocalist
@BuyAchair || The Princess
@Daisy67pet || The Commuter
@DankDrake || The Technician
@jasonthesurvivor || The Poker Player
@Mystery || The Connisseur
@ncolston2001 ||The Dancer
@Swish || The Olympian
@xDimentio || The Instrumentalist

@Nathanswag9 || The Influencer - Episode 7
@Irishgirl || The Photagrapher - Episode 4
@Crazyrockina || The Designer - Episode 2‚Äč

#DETN #DolphinsEscapeTheNight

on September 04, 2018 05:34
I wish there was more chat stuff and detail put into it. But still enjoying it so far.
on September 03, 2018 02:25
#DETN #DolphinsEscapeTheNight

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