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AllenAugust 29, 2018 20:59

Dolphin's Escape the Night | Episode 6- "Missing INACTion"

This episode is going to be very short. It will explain the lack of episodes recently and help everyone understand what is going on right now.

Last week, Drake was eliminated in the duel. However, I feel like his elimination was unfair to him as he was helping his family prepare for the hurricane that was hitting his area, and he had very little time to complete the duel. I also feel that it was not right to get rid of a very active player while many inactive players still remained in the game.

This week, the witch was the enemy. And for the task, the guests had to get everything right to cook up the potion for a win. The challenge was for them to try and get as close as possible to 5 scores in The Parking Game that were given in order. The scores they gave would be subtracted from the scores given. All the differneces would be added up, and that would be their scores. Everyone's scores would be added and the total had to be lower than 3000 for them to stay safe.

At first< I didn't explain to well, and some didn't know how to do the challenge. That was on my part. The second time, I explained very thoroughly how to do the task, and I still only received two scores. As punishment for the group being inactive, I made them vote in two players into a duel. The group voted in Nathan and Dimentio.

Both players have been very inactive, so I have decided to let the group vote between the two, and whoever gets the most votes is eliminated. Then Drake would return to replace them since he is active and will make the game better, as the game relies much on active players.

Some of you may disagree with my decision for the round, but I stand by it, and my desicion is final.

This explains why there hasn' been an episode recently, as rounds are only supposed to take 2-3 days, and this round has been going on for 5-6.

Either Draco or Nathan will be eliminated on the next episode, and Drake will return. Plus, a new round, and a new group task. Stay tuned for the next episode of DETN!

on August 29, 2018 23:59
on August 29, 2018 21:24
#DETN #DolphinsEscapeTheNight
on August 29, 2018 21:19
Yay I'm coming back!?!?

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