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AllenOctober 20, 2018 01:57

Dolphin's Escape the Night | Episode 10 - "Since when is there a ghost in this cast?"

Dolphin's Escape the Night
Season 1 | Episode 10

Previously on DETN...

The group played another group task, trying their hands at Word Cookies! They needed to score 7000, but they came far too short and only managed 2740. Since Ari and Draco had not been participating, they were nominated for the duel. Then, Mystery won the swapper competition and choose to let the inacts battle for their spot in the game. At the elimination duel, only one save a friend vote was casted, and Draco stayed safe, while Ari had to say goodbye. Tonight, will the group pass a task, or will another victim be shown the exit? Find out right now!

"Dusty, Musty, and Crusty"

Here's how this competition will be played. The five of you will need to score at least 400 total in Camp Cleanup to avoid tonight's elimination. You scored....

243. This means you've failed another task. However, Dimentio has again decided to stop participating in the game. This game runs on active players, and I cannot have a spot wasted by someone who isn't going to be active.

I'm sorry Draco, but you have been eliminated. You know, it sucks seeing you go out like this. You were such a promising player at the start of this game, but whatever is going on in your real life caught up to you. I hope to see you in a future season. <3

Now, only 4 remain. Will they stay safe, or will another player get eliminated? Find out next time on DETN!

@Alanster || The Vocalist
@jasonthesurvivor || The Poker Player
@Mystery || The Connisseur
@ncolston2001 || The Dancer

@xDimentio || The Instrumentalist - Episode 10
@BuyAchair || The Princess - Episode 9
@DankDrake || The Technician - Episode 8
@Daisy67pet || The Commuter - Episode 8
@Swish || The Olympian - Episode 8
@Nathanswag9 || The Influencer - Episode 7
@Irishgirl || The Photagrapher - Episode 4
@Crazyrockina || The Designer - Episode 2‚Äč

on November 25, 2018 21:02
#DETN #DolphinsEscapeTheNight
on October 20, 2018 05:34
fun fact: i wasnt inactive, i just gave up on that group game 'cause it took almost a week for a day to change ;)

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