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ClashAugust 30, 2020 21:42

CBBUS 4 | Anonymous 24/7 Choices | Day 5

Previously we saw Frankie aka Grennm was the 3rd person evicted from the house.
Natalie won the HOH decided to nominate Bruno | Dan | Davonne for eviction
Davonne ended up winning the POV
Nikkie won the live HOH for next week.

Let's get to the live eviction.

Bruno | Dan | Davonne

One of you will be leaving tonight and will become the first member of our jury.

By a vote of 4-3-1*

Bruno, you have been evicted.

I am surprised to see you go especially when you were HOH 2 weeks ago but it is what it is and I hope you had fun!

Bruno is the first member of jury as Dick went inactive he has been removed and Bruno will vote instead of him. That is why I will not be revealing Bruno's identity.

Dan received 3 votes
Davonne was POVED and recieved 1 vote.

Let's find out who Nikki has decided to nominate up for eviction

Victor | Zach | Dick

Nikki: i'm nominating the INACTIVE EvelDick in hopes that he goes home. Zach, you told me you voted Dick out, which I believe to be a cold hearted LIE. you were working with the guys, thank you for sharing that Bruno, who ALL voted out Frankie. Victor, I thought you could win the veto and you being nominated wouldn't allow for any trickery with the inactive staying any longer than he should.

Let's find out who has won the POV!

Congratulations Natalie you will have a big say in this eviction!

Let's get a sneak peak on whos the HOH for next week!

Queen Janelle!

That is all for today will the inact Dick finally leave or will the house stir the pot once again?
What are the sides? are there any?
Who are you rooting for!? ‚Äčtell us in the comment section below.
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10th: @Z_EvelDick
11th: @Z_Frankie | @Grennm
12th: @Z_Audrey | @Crazyrockina
‚Äč13th: @Z_Cody | @Tarnexter

on August 31, 2020 14:25
slay janelle

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