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ClashAugust 27, 2020 21:09

CBBUS 4 | Anonymous 24/7 Choices | Day 2

Previously we saw Zach snatched the first HOH!
Zach nominated Audrey | Cody | Dick for eviction.
Zach won the POV!
Bruno won the next HOH!

Now let's get right into it!

It is time for the eviction ceremony

Audrey | Cody | Dick

One of you 3 will leave us tonight.

Let's see who the houseguests have sent packing!

By a vote of 9-2*......

Cody, you are evicted from CBBUS 4.

Evel Dick received 2 votes and was saved by the POV.

Cody was played by...

@Tarnexter !

I am surprised to see you be the first boot! You campaigned at the end and I hope you had a good short journey. Thank you for playing.

Now let's fine out who the HOH Bruno has decided to nominate

I have decided to nominate....

Natalie | Audrey | Dick

Let's find out who has won the POV!


Congratulations on winning another POV!

The winner of the next HOH is...


That is all for today!
Tell us who you are rooting for in the comment section below and heres the [link] to watch live feeds.




‚Äč13th: @Z_Cody | @Tarnexter

on August 27, 2020 22:24
nikki more like hottie
on August 27, 2020 21:49
they can never let me be safe
on August 27, 2020 21:43
Its gucci tho. Was fun
on August 27, 2020 21:41
When your offline for 15 hours cuz you have a busy day, then proceed to come back and find yourself nommed and have the votes already set for you to go :/

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