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BBOTTDecember 19, 2016 17:00

BB:OTT - Day 33 | The Finalists Revealed

After @jbeaudry3 won the final HoH, he chose to bring @neme81 with him, forcing @taviant and @Parrish101 to battle it out in the final competition of the season. The winner recieves the last spot in the Final 3 while the loser goes home in 4th place. After a grueling battle, I can now reveal that our finalists of the season are...

@jbeaudry3 , @Parrish101 , and @neme81

Which means, @taviant has recieved 4th place. I'm sorry Tav, you played one hell of a game and made it so far. You did amazing and you should be very proud of yourself.

Zwooper, you now hold all the power. You and you alone gets to choose who wins this game. Simply send me the name of the Finalist you think deserves to win the game and tune back in tomorrow at 17:00zt to see who takes home the crown.

After 33 days, the journey is almost over. Good luck houseguests

The finalists' pleas:

jbeaudry3: [link]
Parrish101: [link]
neme81: [link]

on December 19, 2016 17:01
aw congratulations u guys!!
on December 19, 2016 17:01

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