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BBOTTDecember 10, 2016 17:25

BB:OTT - Day 24 | Veto Ceremony and Eviction Voting

Last time on BB:OTT dcg786 won the Power of Veto. After giving the nominees a chance to plead their case, dcg786 decided to use the veto on.....


Since BIGBROFOSHO was the one that nominataed him, he got to choose the replacement nominee. In the end he chose....


This means the final nominees are @jbeaudry3 , @Parrish101 , and @QueenBeth . Now, for the next 24 hours, Zwooper gets to vote on who to evict. Just send me the name of the one person (out of those 3 nominees) that you would like to see leave the game. Whomever recieves the most votes from Zwooper will recieve an extra vote at tomorrow's eviction and may end up getting evicted because of it.

Good luck houseguests!

on December 10, 2016 19:38
BIGBROFOSHO decided to use the veto on.....

i'm the copy and pasting

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