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BBOTTDecember 08, 2016 17:01

BB:OTT - Day 22.2 | The Nominees and Zwooper's Nom Voting

Welcome Back! The first 2 houseguests were saved in the first part of Today's episode and now it's time for the HoH's to decide on their nominees. Again, BIGBROFOSHO was chosen to be the first. I can now reveal that the two people up for eviction this week are:

Taviant: @jbeaudry3

Zwooper, now it's your turn to vote. Please send me the name of the houseguest you would like to see be the third nominee this week. With the 2 HoH's and the 2 initial nominees, the pickings are slim. The eligible houseguests are: @Parrish101 , @QueenBeth, and @neme81

on December 08, 2016 22:04
Lovely at the fact I'm probably leaving over an inactive

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