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BBOTTDecember 18, 2016 17:00

BB:OTT - 5th Place

@taviant and @dcg786

For the past 24 hours, Zwooper and the rest of the houseguests have been voting to evict one of the final nominees. I can now reveal that in a vote of 2 - 1, the person evicted from BB:OTT is...

@dcg786 .. Please pack your bags and say goodbye. Your time in the BB:OTT house is over.

@taviant get ready for the HoH competition as you still have made it to the final 4

Voting Results:
dcg786 - 2 votes
taviant - 1 votes

on December 18, 2016 22:00
@Werk how would u know? You played for a grand total of like 1 week
on December 18, 2016 21:29
Hun you floated...
on December 18, 2016 17:01
well i tired my best!

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