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ClashMay 03, 2021 08:21

♨ Battle Of The Cliques | Pre Jury Boots ♨

I apologize for not making the episodes for pre merge after episode 4, I just didn't had time at all to be on laptop the past few days so I couldn't get catch up with them.

In 16th place we had....

thank you for playing I was shocked to see you go as the first fargo nation member but its just the nature of the game and you got unlucky with losing the algo.

In 15th place we had...

I can't say I was shocked to see you go because you did sorta mess your own game up but it is what it is. Thank you for playing!

In 14th place we had...

@Jude !
Okay idrc if you had time for this game or not but you signed up for it and you could have saved yourself and if you didn't had time you could have pulled out but its whatever, thanks for playing.

In 13th place we had.....

You were ROBBED thats all ill say. Thank you for playing!

In 12th place we had....

You were pushed because of being in minority in your tribe but you did great and you are a legend so thanks for playing Jakey.

In 11th place we had....

King of entertainment. Thank you for playing!

In 10th place we had...

Okay yeah this wasnt it, so close to making it to jury and not making it. I was disheartened to see you get blindsided but it is what it is so thank you for playing!

With this I will try to make merge episodes also if you want to spectate the game join the VL and I will leave the link down below where you can view the game.

Link to the game - [link]
Link to the VL - [link]

@joeyc | @a07strand & @Brittney
@George | @Swagnis & @jaycee14

@Jace | @Tone & @Zach
@Cartur | @xFalsify & @Mikey

@Seanoh | @AngelOfWater & @Ian

@PacoP | @Joshh & @TJP1122
@mepole | @Trinity2000 & @BBSwag
@IrishCraic | @Zoicy & @Bombonrayo
@Wadz13 | @King_Canine & @Patrick71101

10th: @Eduardo | @JeremyHLikesFood & @wowjj
11th: @RobbedGoddess | @Riot & @Peyton
12th: @JakeP | @Nitu & @Sugarx
13th: @Crazyrockina | @ABLaksh & @JohnTheGreat
14th: @Jude | @Ved & @sebby113
15th: @MacAttack | @Voxin & @HKT
16th: @TheBreeze | @YourBoy & @Xenia
17th: @Lanie_Marie | @Matthew1125 & @Fina
18th: @MissSuda | @Vin014 & @Rob24
19th: @Aidan | @JonJ & @Typo
20th: @Puffs | @Sarah & @Wolfwoodcp82

JoeyC (Team Pretty)
George (Team Pretty)
Jace (Team Ugly)

Cartur (Team Ugly)
Seanoh (Pyramid Scheme)
PacoP (Fargo Nation)
Wadz13 (Fargo Nation)
IrishCraic (FargoNation)
Mepole (Fargo Nation)

Hosts:@Clash & @ExploreMeDora

on May 04, 2021 21:47
This is a LIT pre jury vacation. Not me, Puffs, Rockina, Jake, Ed, Shawn getting drunk and bullying the rest. Jude's broke ass can come too. Maybe Breeze would have one beer
on May 03, 2021 18:57
@PacoP slay them Hunty me and TJ need that prize money
on May 03, 2021 09:10
george making jury, are we surprised?

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