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BaileyAugust 27, 2018 01:31

Bailey's Big Brother | Episode Five "It's time some blood shed"

crg82, Footystar21, and JohnTheGreat still wait for their keys...

@Austin11 | @xDimentio
@crg82 | @Wicky
@Gurgs | @ChrisDWa
@JohnTheGreat | @Crazyrockina
@PacoP | @Dswag
@pantherking21 | @xeniah
@Sweetkitties9 | @evanw919
@WildDawg1948 | @ItzKenna
@witlof66 | @ellemar
@YourBoy | @CDogBro
11th- @Footystar21 | @08SaraR

12th- @Wadz13 | @ExoticSimmer
13th- @Icelina | @Daisy67pet
14th- @Sammy | @Jqred
15th- @Mystery | @ak47man
16th- @davidprincipe29 | @Player2014

If you can't get enough of Bailey's Big Brother, and want to see the drama, winners of competitions, nominees, and evictions join the sever and watch live feeds all you have to do is click this link!

on August 27, 2018 01:33

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