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BaileySeptember 18, 2018 01:32

Bailey's Big Brother | Episode 8 "Don't worry I will send you right back out that door"

pantherking21, WildDawg1948, and YourBoy you get your keys because of your power...

Now I will give the rest of the keys...

Austin11, Gurgs, adn Sweetkitties9 still wait for their keys...


@Austin11 | @xDimentio

@crg82 | @Wicky

@Gurgs | @ChrisDWa

@pantherking21 | @xeniah

@PacoP | @Dswag

@WildDawg1948 | @ItzKenna

@witlof66 | @ellemar

@YourBoy | @CDogBro


9th- @Sweetkitties9 | @evanw919

10th- @JohnTheGreat | @Crazyrockina

111th- @Footystar21 | @08SaraR

12th- @Wadz13 | @ExoticSimmer

13th- @Icelina | @Daisy67pet

14th- @Sammy | @Jqred

15th- @Mystery | @ak47man

16th- @davidprincipe29 | @Player2014

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