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Daisy67petMarch 25, 2019 23:40

An open letter to

Just need to vent, feel free to read on, bitches.

Dear Amazon,

I know you know me more than I know myself, as evidenced by my constant bombardment of porn for guys with small penises and Gas-xs in my recommended feed, so you of all people should know how much I want to get into ZBB. And guess what? When I finally get the chance to get VIP on my own, you just have to fuck it up faster than a Canadian can say, "I'm not Canadian, I'm your therapist Charlie get over the fact that your mom wasn't present at your own birth."
"Sorry, you can't transfer gift card credits between amazon accounts."
"Sorry, you can't use your current amazon gift card balance to buy another gift card of the same price for someone else."
Fuck you too Jeff Bezos. When you and your bald head were reading over my discord feed you KNEW that @Evilgenious448 was gonna give me a VIP for amazon credits so my chances of ever getting into ZBB went up from 0.1% to 0.2%. You knew he only wanted Amazon money and nothing else. You KNEW, Jeffrey Preston Bezos. But nooooooo.......... that's not allowed without a credit card. So you know what? I'm going to take a page from your book. Advertising everywhere.

Hey! Have money in PayPal and want a 40-50 dollar gift card to Nintendo, Xbox One, PS4, ITunes, or any videogame worth up to 50 dollars, but don't have the Amazon money to do it? Contact me! In return you'd give me VIP, and since the game/card can be up to 50 dollars, you'll actually save 10 bucks! Contact me via Skype, Discord, or Zwooper messages!

Obligatory mention of @Trishy since she's a goddess and you never know, maybe she likes video games. Or maybe she'll feel sorry for me and give me Free-VIP for life. Hey, Trishy. That sounds like a pretty good idea for Charlie. He's been through a lot in the last few days. The text on this screen is not here. This is your inner voice. Give him VIP now.

Sorry to whoever just had to sit through my cancer of a post. But the fact that you're still reading this means maybe you deserve to die.


on March 26, 2019 00:15

It's with a Z, @Crazyrockina . DUHHHI!#$IUKJRHI!OU@#LKHRJN@!O#IU@IURHJKG!@IOU#HJK
on March 26, 2019 00:14

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