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AllensBBUKAugust 19, 2021 21:44

❅ | ABBUK12: Crystal Caves | Applications + Information!

That's right, ABBUK is finally back for a 12th season!

After the longest hiatus in the series' history, we're back and better than ever!
It's time to get a new group of 16 housemates in the house to battle for the crown!

For those of you who aren't familiar with how ABBUK works, it functions on a daily cycle.
On the First Day, everyone nominates two housemates for eviction. The two with the most votes are nominated.
On the Second Day, the two nominees face a public vote to evict while everyone nominates for the next round and votes to evict a nominee.
On the Third Day, the housemate with the most votes from the poll will be evicted, and a new set of nominees will face the public vote.
This cycle repeats until 3 housemates remain to face a public vote for a winner.
In the event of a tie in nominations, all housemates involved in the tie are nominated.


1. SCREENSHOTS: No screenshots under any circumstances. You are not allowed to send any sort of screenshot that has to do with this game. You may also never ASK for a screenshot. If you have any sort of screenshot you would like to send about messages with another player not pertaining to the game, you must ask the hosts before sending it.
2. RESPECTING HOUSEMATES: Be respectful of your fellow housemates. Arguments are okay as long as you keep them low. Anything regarding threats, slurs, hate speech, bullying, etc. is not allowed. This rule can result in isolation from chats and if severe enough can result in instant removal from the game. We will not tolerate personal attacks.
3. PLEAS: Make pleas. When you make pleas, we get more voters and it attracts more popularity for the season. It can be as long as you'd like, but a minimum of a few sentences is required. Breaking this rule will give you nomination penalties the following round and will not give you a strike, but this is the only rule that is different.
4. SERVER SPAMMING: Do not spam. Spamming chats makes it harder to read and find things, so please don't spam any chats with unnecessary messages repeatedly. You are not allowed to @ large groups of people. Be respectful of everyone in the server and don't spam pointless things.
5. ARGUING WITH HOSTS: The host's decisions are final. Do not argue with hosts over any final decisions, as you will not get anywhere with it. As hosts, we have the right to make decisions based on what we think is best as a whole, and arguing and causing more problems will not help your case at all.
6. SPAMMING FOR VOTES: No spamming for votes. You are not allowed to personally message someone to save you for ANY reason. If you have been caught spamming, in addition to a strike, your votes will be DOUBLED. If you cannot win the game fairly, then you don't deserve to really win, do you?
7. HOSTS' RIGHT TO REMOVE: Hosts have the ability to remove you at any time. If you do something out of hand, the hosts reserve the right to remove you from the game.
8. DEADLINES & SUBMISSIONS: Submit on time. The day change is 0 ZT this season, but the submission deadline is 23:30 ZT. If you fail to submit your votes on time, you will be automatically nominated for eviction. You should be checking your confessional and making sure you've sent your votes multiple times a day. This has been what got many housemates removed in the past, don't let it get you too.

Breaking a rule will result in a STRIKE.
ONE STRIKE - Face to Face Nominations & Auto-Nomination
TWO STRIKES - Face to Face Nominations, Auto-Nomination, No Eviction Vote, & 25% Penalty.
THREE STRIKES - Removal From Game

First Place - 1000 Zwooper Points, 3000 Chips in Gifts, and a Profile Award
Second Place - 500 Zwooper Points, 1500 Chips in Gifts, and a Profile Award
Third Place - 250 Zwooper Points, 750 Chips in Gifts, and a Profile Award

Due to real life commitments, there is currently no paid VIP prizes or background/name designs for the cast. It's possible this may change, but for now it will remain that way.

Discord (required):
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!):

Applications Close: September 2nd, 0 ZT
Live Key Ceremony: September 3rd, 0 ZT
Game Begins: September 4th, 2 ZT

*NOTE: Day change for this season is set at 2 ZT!

#ABBUK #AllensBBUK #ABBUK12 #CrystalCaves

on September 02, 2021 20:04
Name: KJ
Age: 19
Discord (required): KyleJayy#9594
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!) this will be my first ever group game on zwooper, i decided why not play something that doesn't deal with comps forst then work my way up to bigger group games!
on August 30, 2021 01:15
Name: Swim
Age: 21
Discord (required): Runnerswimboi31#5863
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!):
I think I should be part of this cast because I like to create chaos. However, the chaos I create does not just ruin my game but also other people's. To me what makes me stand out over other people is my ability to be impatient. This could be seen as a weakness but I think it's awesome because I get to work with really awesome people in the game and it allows me to have to play hard. To be the champion you should not be carried to the end instead you should be from Day 1 working that house to get to the end.
on August 29, 2021 01:11
Name: Aiden
Age: 16
Discord (required): Ak47man15 #5966
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!): I should be in this season because I should be an ABBUK champion. I have proven that I can make it far and play a good game. I am a former finalist and I know how to play the BBUK format. I am one of the best to ever play ABBUK and I want to prove that. And I know how much u miss me Allen!
on August 26, 2021 21:46
Name :joshua
why should u be cast:bc ppl love me and ik I have a good chance just like everybody so look out
on August 26, 2021 01:46
Name: Jared
Age: 26
Discord (required): Melay#6121
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!): Because I always bring a little spice to the action.
on August 25, 2021 18:28
Name: Jack
Age: 16
Discord: xoJack#0715
Reasons why I should be cast: The last and only time I played ABBUK was all the way back in Season 5, where i got booted extremely early. I want to come back to show that I have what it takes to not only make it farther than I previously have, but that I have what it takes to win.
on August 21, 2021 00:31

Name: Dean
Age: 22
Discord (required): ArcturusDean#4616
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!):

I've conistently tried so hard to do well in ABBUK, and every season SOMETHING gets in my way. I'm an unpdredictable player, but I always put in my effort. I've limited my ORG games in the last two years, and I have felt that I have become more seasoned as a player. I think I can bring some old school flair, but also keep your game interesting. I may be unpredictable or a wildcard, but you know you're going to get an active, determined and dynamic player casting me.

Past Games: ABBUK2: The Return (9th), ABBUK6: All-Stars 1 (2nd), ABBUK8: The Infection (16th), ABBUK9: Galactica (11th) and ABBUK10: All Stars 2 (11th).

on August 20, 2021 19:58
on August 20, 2021 19:55
Name: Tone
Age: 16
Discord (required): Tone#8637
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!): i know i'm INSANE for wanting to play this game 3 times in a row but, as the best player in abbuk history to never get a single placement, this is obviously my time. last season was one of the most fun experiences that i've ever had playing a game, and having gone out in a head to head against the eventual winner of the season shows that the potential for me to win was truly there, and i think i could've pulled it off had i beat sara in that poll. after reflecting on the game and even making finals in the next two bbuk games i played, winning one and the other being the most respected game on the site, now is my time to win this game. you know i go hard when i play this, and you know i fight tooth and nail and provide ALL the entertainment you could possibly ask for, so what are you waiting for? get me back in the damn ring. four time player?????? it's my time.
on August 20, 2021 00:58
Name: Chris
Age: 21
Discord (required): Chriss#8479
Why should you be cast? (Remember, this is your chance to tell us why you should be in this season, make it count!) After recently flopping in ZBB 26 I feel like I need something where I can try my hand in showing just what type of competitive and strong game player I am. I feel like I'm definitely ready to form relationships with people I've never played with before and try my best to play a game in which I can showcase my gameplay and make it to the end! I'm ready to bring my quirky and outgoing personality into the game, and just slay out! This could be the tell all of if I should retire from Zwooper group games, or if I still have what it takes to play a good game !! Casting me will not disappoint
on August 20, 2021 00:07
@Jumanji Yes, returnees are welcome! Priority will be given to newer players, but veterans are eligible to be cast.
on August 19, 2021 22:23
Are returnees welcome?

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