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Z_AnonChoicesMay 01, 2019 15:34


Hello and welcome to the 3rd season of Anonymous 24/7 Choices.

This game is a reguar 12 hour day change 24/7 Choices, but you play it using an anonymous account.
You are not to reveal who you are, if we find out you revealed your identity to anyone,
then you will not be chosen for our anon Choices games in the future.

Those voted out pre jury will be revealed in their eviction episode, those that make jury will be revealed at the end,
when the winner is revealed.

I'm not a great one for writing episodes, so they will be just be written when revealing players.
These games are purely for the fun of playing anonymously.

Applications close: Friday 3rd May
Game begins: Sunday 5th May as close to 22:00ZT as I can make it

Prizes: If you make Jury you will receive double payouts, winner will receive a gold Zwooper profile award.

To apply:
Just message me via Zwooper messages.
Title it 24/7 Anon 3 Application and give the reason you want to play,
if you have played before and why we should choose you.

If you apply in comments you will not be offered a place.

Please note:
I am not accepting friends as it will be a way of people knowing those interested in playing the Anon games.
You do not need to be friends with me to message me.


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