I am a new member, why can't I post or comment on the Talk page? 
New members have to earn 15 points or become a VIP member in order to post or comment. This is to prevent people from joining Zwooper simply to post inappropriate content. It is relatively easy to earn 15 points. Just play some Race Games, or Individual Challenges, and in no time you will have earned enough points to chat with the other members on the Talk page.

I have another family member that wants to play on Zwooper - what is your policy on this?
We allow users from the same IP address to have their own Zwooper accounts, as long as you let us know first. If you don't let us know, we may ban you, or message you for an explanation. In some cases, the 2 users will be blocked from playing in the same game.

Can I change the gender of my Avatar?
The gender of your main Avatar is chosen at the point of registration. The high quality Avatar designs are created to perfectly fit the body shapes of the specific Avatar "skins". Male and Female body shapes are different on Zwooper (as they are in real life!) so the items simply wont fit both genders. If you wish to change the gender of your Avatar gender, you can buy a second Avatar of the opposite gender for 1000 Chips. This second Avatar will have its own wardrobe of clothing and accessories, and you can switch easily between the two Avatars from your Profile page.

How can I find out how to play the individual Challenges?
Each Challenge has a blue "Info" button above the game screen - this will give you all of the information you need to play the game.

Can I play the individual Challenges on my Apple iPhone or Apple iPad? 
Unfortunately iPhone doesnt support Flash, which is the technology used to create most of our Challenges. This is the same for Apple tablets too. Other features of the website will work on all phones and tablets however.

When do the Individual Challenges Leaderboards update?
At approximately 00:00 Zwoopertime (Zwoopertime is displayed on the right hand side just under the website header)

When are the Individual Challenge awards (Points and Chips) made?
The awards are usually made soon after 00:00 Zwoopertime, although this time can alter slightly from day to day.

How can I win more Race Games - the same people seem to win them all?
Firstly (and most obviously) you need to practice the Challenges - you need to be good at all of them to stand a good chance of winning a Race Game. However, everybody has to sleep - take time to study the top players on the site by checking their online and offline status. You may have to get up extra early one day to get a good result while the rest of the world sleeps!

Sometimes the Challenges are slow and "laggy" why is this?
The Individual Flash games download to your computer as soon as you open them, the game is played from this file, it is not streamed from our server. If the game is slow to respond, this will be an issue with your computer. You should check for any opened applications that you are not using, and check if your security software may be running a scan in the background, or that your computer is remotely backing itself up. All of these things can effect your computer's performance. 

How do I add an image to my profile?
We do not host (store) images for you due to server space, so if you want to include an image in your profile, the image must be hosted elsewhere, and a link to that image added to your page. Images can be hosted on many websites for free on the internet. Do a Google search for "host my images" and you will see a variety of websites that offer the service. Once you have uploaded the image you want to add, you will be given a link address (url) which you must copy. Then go to your Profile page and click "Edit". Place your cursor where you want the image to appear, and click the "Image" button in the toolbar. Simply paste the url you copied on the hosting site into the URL box, which appears under the Image Info tab. Click OK and then the Update button. Thats it!

How do I create Animated text for my profile page?
To create your image, we suggest you use this website:  http://uk.bloggif.com

1. Click on the "Animated text" button. Having created what you want, follow the instructions and when it says "Right click on the text and then "Save Picture As ..." download the image to your computer.

2. Then go to:  http://tinypic.com  This is where you can "host" the image.

3. Follow the simple steps to upload the image to them.

4. Having done this, copy the code in the box "Direct Link for Layouts"

5. Now go to your Zwooper Profile Page and click "Edit"

6. Click the "Image" tool having placed your cursor where you want the image to appear

7. Paste the text in the URL box, that you copied from the "Direct Link for Layouts" box

Thats it! 

I would like to host an official Zwooper competition, how do I go about it?
We love it when our players organise their own games, and we dont want to interfere in them unnecessarily, however if you wish your game to be sponsored as an Official Zwooper Game, then please contact a member of the Zwooper Team.

Folders and Announcements...
We try to promote players own games as Announcements on the Talk page or in the Folders that appear above the Announcements, however space in both of these areas is limited. Please message a member of the Zwooper Team if you would like a folder created for your game.

I would like to donate chips to another player, as a prize for my group game - How do I go about it?
Players can gift Avatar items to each other, or you can gift Chips by purchasing them for another player in the Chip Shop, however you cant send Chips you have won in games to another player..