• new-york-take-out Image

    LeaderboardNew York Take Out

    Shoot the targets and fast food, but you will lose a life if you hit something that you should avoid...

  • popping-peppers Image

    LeaderboardPopping Peppers

    Group the peppers in 3's so they can be removed. But be quick, more peppers arrive every 60 seconds...

  • coffee-break-cop Image

    LeaderboardCoffee Break Cop

    Cops like doughnuts - but if this one gets too fat, he just needs to find an apple to slim down again...

  • tower-blocks Image

    LeaderboardTower Blocks

    Stack the blocks sky high - the neater they are, the higher the score! But as the tower grows, it starts to sway...

  • indian-jewels Image

    LeaderboardIndian Jewels

    Swop a jewel with its neighbour to make lines of 3. It's against the clock so don't waste time...

  • the-parking-game Image

    LeaderboardThe Parking Game

    Parking is never easy - here you have to park 5 times in 5 car parks, without causing any damage...

  • bubble-jungle Image

    LeaderboardBubble Jungle

    Choose a colour and click to burst the bubbles - stop them reaching the top or it's game over!

  • lucky-jim Image

    LeaderboardLucky Jim

    Throw the darts carefully and remove the targets, but dont hit Jim or he won't be feeling very lucky!

  • firefly-forest Image

    LeaderboardFirefly Forest

    Catch the Fireflies and drop them in the jar before the sun comes up - the yellow ones earn you more points!

  • word-maker Image

    LeaderboardWord Maker

    Click and drag over the letters to make words - the longer the word, the more points you score!

  • camp-cleanup Image

    LeaderboardCamp Cleanup

    The Survival camp is a mess! Shake that mouse to clean all the leaves from the wooden floor.

  • gone-fishin Image

    LeaderboardGone Fishin'

    Help the young Piranha fish find his way across the ocean. He needs to eat the little fish to grow...

  • chop-chop-chef Image

    LeaderboardChop Chop Chef

    Chop the fruit and veg as small as you can, but avoid the rotten items, they will cost you a life!

  • camp-food-catch Image

    LeaderboardCamp Food Catch

    Catch food for camp, but watch out for the monkeys, touch one of them and your game is over!

  • beach-ball-bounce Image

    LeaderboardBeach Ball Bounce

    Bounce the balls across the beach, but watch out for falling items - check the blue Info button for more info.

  • arrow-jump Image

    LeaderboardArrow Jump

    Follow the arrows as they appear on the screen - but if you lose 3 lives your game is over!

  • jelly-drop Image

    LeaderboardJelly Drop

    Swipe groups up, down, left and right to remove them - the bigger the group, the faster your score will rise!

  • flaming-arrows Image

    LeaderboardFlaming Arrows

    Move the ball to avoid the arrows. Collect bonus points and slow the game.

  • memory Image


    Create as many matching pairs as you can in 3 minutes. Theres are 5 different avatar sets to clear!

  • tomato-splat Image

    LeaderboardTomato Splat

    Splat the Tomatoes, but not the red ones! Lose 3 lives and your game is over! 

  • knife-up Image

    LeaderboardKnife Up

    Follow the arrows as they move on the screen - Aim for the green spot marks and apples.