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2048 The Numbers Game

Numbers Game!

Use the arrows on your keyboard to slide the tiles up, down, left or right.
Merge 2 tiles of the same number to form a new tile.

Try to reach the magic 2048 tile but dont stop - hit the Keep Going button
when you see the winners screen, and you can build your score even higher!

Adventure instructions - the 3 way game.
You have 3 hours to play your game once you have joined so keep an eye
on the timer on the right hand side of the page in case you run out of time.
At the end of your game you will be directed to the scoreboard. 

Once all 3 players have finished their games, the winner will receive their
Points automatically and a message will be sent inviting them to return
to the Leaderboard and claim their Chips or gamble them for a chance
to win 2048 Chips!

In the Practice Room, your scores wont save!

Check the Blue info boxes for more information. Good Luck!

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