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Welcome to Zwooper!

Play in our Survivor and Big Brother group games and play The Amazing Race online! You can also play any of our Individual Challenges, create an awesome Avatar and enjoy all of the other amazing features on Zwooper! Join now and play The Incredible Race Game, or join a Survival tribe and battle it out over 21 days to become the sole Survivor! Or if you are a Big Brother fan, join Zwooper and battle it out in the 24/Seven house!

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Play Survivor and The Amazing Race online!

Play Survivor online! "Survival" is based on the successful TV game "Survivor". Zwooper's Survivor game features many aspects from the TV show Survivor, with socialising playing an important part. Join now and make new friends, you never know when you might need them in your game of Survival! 

Play The Amazing Race Game online! "The Incredible Race Game" has all the fun of "The Amazing Race" TV show. Play in 6 Challenges as you race around the world competing against other players. Who will have the highest scores, and who will win the fastest time bonus...?

Individual Challenges Our many Individual Challenges can be played as often as you want, with Points and Chips for the top 10 scores of the day. Practice for Surival and The Incredible Race Game, as the same Challenges will appear in the long games.

Head to Head Challenges Play any of our Challenges as One-to-One or Best of 4, and win Chips to spend in the Avatar shop.

Play Big Brother online! Our 3rd Adventure "24/7" is based on "Big Brother". Just like the TV show, our Big Brother game features a group of housemates who will become friends, and just as quickly become enemies!

Create awesome Avatars!

Use the Chips you win to buy a new outfit for your Avatar. 1000's of items including celebrity items too! Avatar design competitions for budding artists. Join as a VIP member to access the latest designer gear!