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  • Wild
    WildFebruary 10, 2019 02:24
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Finale | "Let's pray that they flop!"
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   CoNgRaTs Kenya! :D
    Joseph_040   Congrats Kenya! <3
    Xenia   Grats Kenya Well played!
    TJP1122   Congrats Kenya!
    ExoticSimmer   she DID THAT!
    evanw919   Welcome to the winners club!
    wwxcrunner1   YAS KLENYA 
    chesskid   eek ON fleek, grats to Kenya 
    Patrick71101   Grats!!! :D
    Runaways   i was so robbed by an old lady that day
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 09, 2019 03:17
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 14 | "If you think you have a social game, you are wrong"
    Spoiler alert!
    Zuni   Go Runaways!!!
    ExoticSimmer   gooooooo KENYA!
    wwxcrunner1   LETS GO KENYA
    Maxxy   smh !!!
    08SaraR   Not my PTW!!! D:
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 07, 2019 03:35
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 13 | "What's the smartest decision?"
    Spoiler alert!
    Ryguy292   Omg! @Runaways actually made finals in something! I knew supporting this trick would eventually pay off!!! : D
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   You put so much hard work and energy into this game and I can't wait to see who wins!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Maxxy   Love my bar.

    Love you @RussellvsRob2019! #BlueClan for life amen there!
    And thank you for having me back @Wild. One of my favorite series I've ever played. Not going to lie, this loss is going to sting for awhile; I really thought I could win this one, and it sucks being so close and missing out. I had to play a completely different game this time around, but I can't be more proud of it if I tried.

    ExoticSimmer   kenya did that tho.... rip tj.
    08SaraR   Robbed. O_o
    CDogBro   No.
    RussellvsRob2019   TJ robbed. 
    lets remember that he has to do this challenge while being in the cage and occupied with 100000 other things. 100% the best chase player of all time. #BlueClan for life buddy 
    MKtyler23   TJ NOOO D:
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 06, 2019 01:14
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 12 | "I don't want to screw up a jury vote"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Runaways   this a great top 4 tbh
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 01, 2019 05:07
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 11 | "It's basically like me interviewing every dumb bitch!"
    Spoiler alert!
    CDogBro   Also, realized this season has had 6 failed chasers, big oof
    CDogBro   Wadz13
    TJ about to get another W!!
    Wadz13   TJ about to get another W!! 
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 31, 2019 03:05
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episodes 9 and 10 | "He Better Get the Hell Out of the Game"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Madskie00017   @iiamysunshine: pls Get well soon!
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 21, 2019 21:00
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 8 | "Oh hunny, it's called strategy"
    Spoiler alert!
    TJP1122   @davidprincipe29, stop it! I already have a big enough target on my back, lol.
    ExoticSimmer   avalayne robbed... but glad amy stayed. :-))
    davidprincipe29   You guys really trying to let TJ win a second time, huh?
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 19, 2019 23:23
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 7 | "I want to see the look on his stupid face"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    08SaraR   Loves a good music round! :D
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 16, 2019 00:07
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 6 | "Just read the f*cking rules children"
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   @waterkid6  you were robbed! Miss you 
    waterkid6   If only Drake wasn’t a thing :C thanks for casting me! Had a blast!
    AngelOfWater   @Allen maybe if I hadn’t been in two big games at once I could have 
    Allen   if only kenya could do that in cmiyc
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 13, 2019 17:59
    The Chase 6 | Episode 5 | "I don't care about you or your shit'
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   fixed it Amy! lol
    iiAmySunshine   The chart says "Escaped" for me on Week 4, when he meant to put it for Avalayne lol!
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 11, 2019 01:30
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 4 | "I want to bang my head against a f*cking wall"
    Spoiler alert!
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
    RussellvsRob2019   #TeamBoston
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 08, 2019 04:10
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 3 | "It's best that I just look out for myself. Sorry not Sorry"
    Spoiler alert!
    popular   girl these chasers need to turn tf up..... no excuses
    Clash   Another great graphical episode 
    ExoticSimmer   kenya and amy snapped
    Wicky   smh these chasers
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 04, 2019 03:06
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 2 | "Time to grab your pocket watch and go handle some business"
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   Brazelle I was there where you are, everyone was against me but dw it will get better if you win the ruler. 
    Wicky   ugh king brazelle
    Cartur    @TJP1122 
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
    TJP1122   Us gingers know what’s up, lol. Thanks @Cartur
  • Wild
    WildDecember 30, 2018 00:31
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 1 | "We are headed on a collision course!"
    Spoiler alert!
    ivix16   Fuck yall #TeamIvan
    Peyton   Yes! So happy Avalayne best Run. #TeamAvalayne
    RussellvsRob2019   wow this cast is absolutely disgusting. LMFAO
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
  • Wild
    WildDecember 27, 2018 00:28
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Memory Wall Reveal and PTW! CLOSED!
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   CLOSED! Good Luck to Everyone!
    DannyT   Brxan
    Wild   Brxan is available 
    davidprincipe29   Brazelle
    Wcplays   Ivix
    Arceus   maxxy
    kongowongo   Charles
    Wild   Still have brazelle, Brxan, Charles, ivix, and Maxxy remaining!
    TheBreeze   Livee
    Nates_great   Runaways plz
    Ryguy292   Runaways 
    Aaron_A   Brxan
    08SaraR   Maxxy

    Joseph_040   Ivix!
    ujmlkio   Chesskid
    Allen   Alan! <3
    jellyjam   Sevyn Streeter... you have taste
    Wicky   alanster
    boojess   liveee
    OhEm0507   Amy
    Clash   Nvm I take Chesskid

    Clash   Boston 
    Peyton   Wait she’s taken up sksk I’m stupid AVALAYNE
    Peyton   Oh Kenya if it’s two per person
    mepole   Fine, I will take spencer then Patrick
    joeyc   Boston 
    mepole   Tj 
    Patrick71101   Oh it's two per player I'm stupid xD. I'm so #TeamSpencer as well but I gotta switch to my cohost :p
    Xenia   @Sweetkitties9
    Peyton   Whoever’s left 
    RussellvsRob2019   LOKI
    RussellvsRob2019   #TeamLoku
    RussellvsRob2019   bostonrobby
    Nicolas   Brazelllllloooo
    evanw919   Avalayne
    Aidan   kenya
    ExoticSimmer   kenya
    YourBoy   Alex
    heuse1ac   Spencer (Death eater SCUM)
    Patrick71101   Spencer! :P
    joey2121   TJP
    CDogBro   Charles
    McKenna   MY GIRL AMY
  • Wild
    WildDecember 27, 2018 00:00
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Cast Reveal 11-15
    Spoiler alert!
    thewrightone05   ahhh dang. was hoping i was casted
    AngelOfWater   Congrats everyone! Super excited to play with you all! 
    Maxxy   AYE! *WHIPS*
    Peyton   Congrats to the chosen 15! #TeamAmy
  • Wild
    WildDecember 26, 2018 23:46
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Cast Reveal Competitors 6-10
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Yesss! Avalayne is going to SLAY #TeamAvalayne
    AngelOfWater   Gonna be a gooooood game! Congrats everyone :)
  • Wild
    WildDecember 26, 2018 23:36
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Cast Reveal Competitors 1-5
    Spoiler alert!
    thewrightone05   #Chessteam #teamchess
    Joseph_040   Team Angel and Ivix! You guys are gonna slay.
    Peyton   Can’t wait to see how the season turns out! #TeamChess
    Nicolas   #BrazelleForFirstBoot
    chesskid   Let's go #ChessTeam #TheChase6
    AngelOfWater   @theawesometwin I only just put mine on haha
    AngelOfWater   Woohoo <3
    theawesometwin   Everyone who got in is like already wearing the background soooooo
    Clash   We Stan. Can’t wait to follow the season! Good graphics as always AJ :)
  • Wild
    WildDecember 14, 2018 03:31
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Prologue | "The End is Just the Beginning"
    Spoiler alert!
    heuse1ac   That "Who will join him" is the single creepiest thing I've seen in my life, can't wait for the Netflix movie of TJ stealing people's souls so he's not the only one without one anymore
    TJP1122   1. Between this song and your app song, you have EXCELLENT taste in music!
    2. Love the tribute, lol :)
    3. All this attention, I’m so screwed (insert my typical laughing crying emoji)
    JeremyHLikesFood   cant wait for my favorite drama segments of host vs contestant heart eye emoji
  • Wild
    WildDecember 05, 2018 19:28
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Format, Rules, Dates, Prizes, and APPS!
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLOSED-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Geri   New Competitor Application

    Discord: Geri #9167
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your gameplay: funny
    Notable Group Game Experience: HvV 2nd place, AHS all stars 5th place, Hunger games 5th place, Power play 1st - I don't think I've ever got worse than 6th tbh
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: the first 5 seasons were fun to watch
    Avalayne   Name: Nia
    Discord: Avalayne#1645
    Level of activity: 8
    Gameplay: Calm, social, consider all possibilities, staying loyal to the people I trust and taking out threats.
    Experience: All listed in my profile
    Why do u want to play: Because this looks awesome! I looked at last seasons episodes and it looks like a really fun game to play :D

    Irishgirl   Name:Emma
    Level of Activity:8.9
    Gameplay:Smart  Bold  sneekey 
    Notable Group Games: YANTO 7 
    Why do you wanna play The Chase:I want to play Because i want to experience a well known group game
    ujmlkio   Name: Ujmlkio Discord: Ujmlkio Level of Activity: 10 Gameplay: Quietly Strategic Notable Group Games: The Cage 4 Why do I want to play The Chase: I haven't played a group gamr in over a year and I want to prove myself again
    jbeaudry3   Can we pretend I only played once please ?
    Runaways   Name: Runaways
    Discord: You have it
    Level of Activity (1-10): like a 10 bc I have TIME for once
    Define your gameplay: What gameplay?
    Notable Group Game Experience: Byevivor.
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: Okay, I really want to play this because after seeing you complain about EG's hosting, I want to see you host. Plus, if TJ won last season...then I can win this season. Me and TJ are actually related in no way except both of us like Zwooper and I think that will benefit me. People are going to be looking for UTR players and I can at least slide by. If this was solely a social game, I would be screwed but (good) comps? Sign me up.
    thewrightone05   Name: CJ
    Discord: thewrightone05#8637
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your gameplay: very strategic, will lie if necessary. I am not afraid to speak my mind.
    Notable Group Game Experience: none, but hopefully expanding.
    Why do you want to play “The Chase” it would be a fun experience, I WILL BE FIERCE, I WILL BE A GREAT COMPETITOR, and it would be very fun.
    Daisy67pet   *New Competitor)
    Name: Charlie
    Discord: Daisy67pet#5946
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your gameplay: Definitely more social and strategic than competition oriented. Though, I can pull a comp win out of my hat when you need it. Expect me to come to the game to make friends more than making enemies, though a few blindsides/whatever you call someone being chased surprisingly a blindside might make me a few enemies. 
    Notable Group Game Experience: Hierarchy 2: 5th/16th, Big Brother Overload: 5th/15th SC: Pretty Little Liars: 6th/20th
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: TBH I'm a competitor who needs some more notable group game high placements to flaunt. In all seriousness, this seems like a fun format that isn't just another BB/Survivor. I like unique games, and I think you'll like me being unique in this game! Also, if you want me to be honest chips really do it for me!
    Loudnesoverload   JourdanCameBack 
     :/ Season 1 will always be the best season! Goodluck to everyone who can apply!
    AngelOfWater   New Competitor Application

    Name: Kenya
    Discord: AngelOfWater#0548
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10 haha as much as I want to pretend I don't give games my all.. I just do LOL! Even ones that are slower.. 
    Define your gameplay: I'm by far one of the best social players on this site. I do whatever it takes to keep myself as safe as humanly possible in any situation that I'm put in. But I'm very well seasoned and have tried multiple strategies and will change things up if something isn't working. I've managed to take different playing strategies and put the parts that work best for me into one. I do feel like my skills and my abilties are pretty damn unique. 
    Notable Group Game Experience: ZBB1: 7th place, ZBBAllstars: 6th place, Byevivor4: 9th place, BBA: 1st. 
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: Because you've been pushing me to play since the moment we met! LOL. In all seriousness after Byevivor I feel like being totally out of my element made me realize a lot of different things about myself and then I played BBA and I suck at BB usually.. but I was able to play to my strengths and figure out away to succeed in a game that I didn't feel comfortable in and it paid off. Now I feel like challenging myself in a completely different format that I've never experienced would be a lot of fun. Plus literally everyone and their mothers told me you are an amazing host and that your game is so much fun and that everyone needs to try it out at least once. Plus who knows maybe there will be challenges I can do well in!? Maybe I'll surprise myself.. but I'll never know if I don't try! I'm on an interesting playing journey and I'm ready to take it to the next level! 
    JourdanCameBack   Aw I made jury in my season :/ Season 1 will always be the best season! Goodluck to everyone who can apply!
    Crazyrockina   Name: Brianna
    Discord: Brianna Boho #5099
    Level of Activity (1-10):9
    Define your gameplay:dramatic 
    Notable Group Game Experience: YANTO, 1/2 of dolphin's games,
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: because this is the best cast that youre gonna get 
    Jacey   Name:Jacey
    Level of Activity (1-10):8
    Define your gameplay:Secured and Planned,I am pretty much a floater,but this time it will different 
    Notable Group Game Experience:Dean’s Big Freakshow S10:The Black Hole,So Far In Top 8 Out Of 13!
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”:Because honestly,I just want to start playing the most popular games,to get popular,I obviously can’t be a snitch,cuz betraying alliances won’t work this time,I have learned from some experience so I need a Redemption Season!
    TheBreeze   Name: TheBreeze
    Discord: TheBreeze#6952
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10
    Define your gameplay: When I set my sights on a win, I go balls to the wall. I harness patience and determination. While I do enjoy being a physical competitor the most, I can hold up in the strategic and social departments as well to help balance out my gameplay.
    Notable Group Game Experience: I would have to say @johnnyscott1127 's The Challenge: Cutthroat. I went from being the first boot to returning to help lead my team to victory - in which we did accomplish. The comps used were not just regular flash games, they tested a variety of skillsets ranging from creative to analytical to straight up will power. I feel this experience will help me with your game. 
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: The story telling aspect, the challenging format itself, and even tiny details such as episode song selection all make this a stand out group game. I have followed previous seasons and would like to leave my mark on this one.
    Livieee   Name: Olivia
    Discord: Livieee#5306
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your gameplay: I lay under the radar, and try to play a good loyal game! I try to find loyal allies that will be loyal to me.
    Notable Group Game Experience: Barely any, I did very well in NBB placing 5th. I have very good 24/7 stats and  I hope that shows im ready for a game.
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: Because it looks like a well formatted and exciting game. I want to be able to show zwooper what I got! I believe I can win this type of game
    BostonRobby   New Competitor Application

    Name: Boston
    Discord: You have it
    Level of Activity (1-10): Whatever the situation requires. (9.5 if you really need a number.)
    Define your gameplay: Situational, but I have defensive tendencies. I tend to observe and get a sense for who is actually willing to work with me over the long haul, then I make strategic decisions to facilitate those relationships
    Notable Group Game Experience: Rising Stars 247 (1st), Kingdom (1st), NBB2 (2nd), Trustfall 4 (3rd), Byevivor (5th) 
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: In short, because I love a challenge. This is a unique format that plays to lots of different game elements, so I want to try and develop strategies that will compensate for my relative weakness in comps. Everyone I know that has competed in this game absolutely loved the experience, so while I would like to continue my streak of performing well in individual group games, this honestly just seems like a really enjoyable format to play. 
    Wcplays   Name: Wcplays
    Discord: Wcplays The Theatre Nerd#5088
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your gameplay: Well my gameplay changes from game to game if I'm being completely honest. I just try to be myself and enjoy the game I'm playing in. I tend to be on the loyal side of things though because that's what I respect the most in games. 
    Notable Group Game Experience: Haven't played games recently however I've played ZBB, Byevivor, Tomb's the Cube (which was a physical game I won), and other big name games I forgot about.
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: I've been stalking the game for a while now and I've always wanted to play because it sounded like a different group game from what I'm used to. However I never found the actual time to play it and being 100% in it. Now that I don't have college going on for winter break I can play it and enjoy it and try my damnest to win it. This will probably be the biggest challenge I will have in Zwooper group games and I'm ready to take it on.
    RussellvsRob2019   Returning Competitor Application

    Name: Sarah
    Discord: RussellvsRob2019-#1033
    Level of Activity (1-10): 11 
    Define your gameplay: the same as me in relationships: posessive & obsessive 
    Previous season played and placement: Valhalla (3) 4th All stars (13th EW) 
    Why do I deserve redemption? Bc i got out on a LUCK COMP DRYFUIJOP WHEN IM THE BEST COMP PLAYER IN CHASE HISTORY DON'T @ ME. 
    PacoP   Name: TacoT (PacoP's brother)
    Discord: TacoT#1456
    Level of Activity (1-10): 11
    Define your gameplay: Taco Taco Taco
    Notable Group Game Experience: what?
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: Why do you want to host "The Chase"?
    Peyton   Returning Competitor Application

    Name: Peyton
    Discord: Peyton#7672
    Level of Activity (1-10): Should be a solid 8 because I'll be on the winter break for most of the game!
    Define your gameplay: Loud and obnoxious yet sneaky. Basically, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win even if I'm pretty god damn loud about it at times! Maybe if I could keep my mouth shut for once I'd actually do well...
    Previous season played and placement: Valhalla (3) & 17th / 18. Don't @ me, thanks!
    Why do I deserve redemption? If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't robbed in my season. I'll admit that. I played too hard the first couple rounds, and it bit me in the ass. HOWEVER, I can confirm that I tried my god damn hardest in that elimination and was BARELY beat by Jeremy. The battle was for sure a close one and you can't say I didn't give it my all. Soooo give me another chance and let's see how deep I can go :D
    BostonRob524   Returning Competitor Application

    Name: Chris

    Discord: BostonRob524

    Level of Activity (1-10): 9

    Define your gameplay: I have a gameplay that I feel is, the perfect mixture of Strategic, Physical & Social. I  use the social game to create bonds and alliances that will be key in getting things done that I want. I use the strategical side, to plan out and make the moves i want, but all at the right time, making moves is all about timing them right, cause you dont wanna fail and get caught. I use the physical game to keep myself safe, and make deals with people that will help progress me further in the game!

    Previous season played and placement: Season 4 & 12th

    Why do you deserve redemption?: I deserve redemption because I was doing very well in my original season,and then life got very busy and stresful to the point where i never had time for anything and was eventually sent home. I feel like given the chance again I can really go far into this game, and even take home that crown and make myself the second Ginger in the HOF 
    ivix16   Name: Ivan
    Discord: TheTardisBoy#4273
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.75
    Define your gameplay: Unpredictable, adaptable, I dont have strict gameplay coming in any game, it is just my feeling and guts that is carrying me
    Notable Group Game Experience: Woah a lot, Trustfall 1,3, a lot of Survivors, BBs, the only type of game I didnt play is fashion games
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: I want to play in the chase, because it is the game that is already proved to be great, I've always wanted to play this game, because I feel it has unique format and I would love to be part of the show, also I can bring u drama, and unique gameplay, and the fact that I was in cast for The Chase 4 and I didnt accept in time is killing me and I want to repair that. 
    Hedkax5   Name: Michael 
    Discord: Michael#1201 
    Level of Activity(1-10): 9 
    Define your gameplay: Exciting and Entertaining 
    Notable Group Game Experience: none, im new at this stuff 
    Why do you want to play the Chase: I want to try something new, and this looked really fun and exciting. I really hope you pick me!
    Joss   Name: joss
    Discord: Sokimsurvivor.hayden1#0985
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.5
    Define your gameplay: im very loyal im a ride or die person i'll orotect the ones im with 
    Notable Group Game Experience: um... none lol
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: i love the tv show and i wouldnt mind playing this
    Loudnesoverload   Returning Competitor Application

    Name: Shaquicha
    Discord: I use Google hangouts only
    Level of Activity (1-10): 1 
    Define your gameplay: Il be out there looking like a queen rocking my season 1 Crown
    Previous season played and placement: Season 1 and first place
    Why do you deserve redemption?: Because i do. I need a second crown to add to my collection. DUH
    AndreHoward   ROOKIE
    Level of Activity (1-10):9
    Define your gameplay:Smart Sneaky
    Notable Group Game Experience:Gurgus Vendettas 2nd place and YANTO 7  Jury
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”I love games
    Maxxy   Name: Issy 
    Discord: Issy#1877
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your gameplay: I am very humble, but not afraid to rock the boat. If someone scares me I'm not going to make someone else make the move, I will most definitely do it. However, i'm also someone loyal to my word and I dislike and 99% of the time won't lie to anyone's face (which is one of my flaws). Additionally, I'm dedicated and give everything my all and I really want to try this new type of game.
    Notable Group Game Experience: None unfortunately, I'm new to these group games 
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: Because I like how the format ultimately comes down to your capabilities as a competitor, I can't say "I lost because _____" happened or got me out, if i lose its completely my fault
    AndrewIsLit   Name: Andrew
    Discord: AndrewIsLit123#4633
    Level of Activity: 11
    Define your gameplay: I am someone who most people think oh this dude has only 1286 ranking, then get them out next!
    Notable group game experience: None :(, I just started trying to get into these group games. I just got back on zwooper after like 8 months of being gone. 
    Why do you want to play "The Chase". People talk about it a lot in chats of games and I am a person whos active and very competitive. I will do whatever it takes to win!
    Allen   Name: Allen
    Discord: You should have it. :D
    Level of Activity (1-10): 25
    Define your gameplay: I'm someone who you don't expect to do well, but I've been improving a lot!
    Notable Group Game Experience: Winner of cmgorilla's Big Brother Revenge 2, and Runner-Up of Trustfall 4: Plants vs. Zombies
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: I've definitely heard a lot about this game and it looks hella fun to play in! Also, I
    m a very active person, and I love to run, so The Chase sounds perfect for me.
    Alanster   Name: Alan
    Discord:you have it
    Level of Activity (1-10): 11
    Define your gameplay:Loyal yet no fucks given
    Notable Group Game Experience: um like some 1sts and a lot of 2nds and 3rds...
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: Because I like that at the end of it, your continuation on this game is solely in your own hands and I feel I can do somewhat good.
    theawesometwin   New Competitor Application
    Name: Zach                           
    Discord: You have it
    Level of Activity (1-10): 7
    Define your gameplay: Loyal as Possible yet Ruthless
    Notable Group Game Experience: None (NBB 13/16) Saints vs Sinners (Inactive)
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: I have what it takes
    Mystery   Name: Cameron
    Discord: Awesomeguyrocks#0522
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10
    Define your gameplay: Loyal, Strategic, Ruthless, and Analytical
    Previous season played and placement: Season 1 9th
    Why do you deserve redemption?: Because Bubble Jungle screwed me by one ball and I will play hard and kick ass this season
    Brxan   Name: Bryan
    Discord: Brxan#5041
    Level of Activity (1-10): this time a 10 i promise
    Define your gameplay: I do whatever i need to do in order to win i will try my best to snatch people bald, win comps when i can, and try to stay safe for every round and i will just put my all in!
    Notable Group Game Experience: Wild's Legacies :) 7/16 Currently slaying Slasher and Sing For Your Life! Also in 24/7 Choices 
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: This format is amazing and i have always seen this as a thing that people really enjoyed doing so i want to finally be apart of it!
    Micks   apply this game is so much fun
    Clash   Name: Clash 
    Discord: You have it. 
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your gameplay: I am a player who believes to be open about everything and not be scared to make moves and having no shits given attitude is the key. 
    Previous season played and placement: I got 10th in season 2 I think
    Why do you deserve redemption?: Like many others I did not got evicted, I left the game which was my fault, I know the probability of me getting cast is really low as you aren’t a fan of me either but you know I am a good game player and have improved myself a lot in the time and promise to not disappoint you this time. I am applying to win. 
    Name: Alex
    Discord: you have it 
    Level of Activity(1-10): like 9 and 1/2 
    Define your gameplay: my thing is that I love to strategy talk. I can talk strategy all day long to the people that are loyal to me. I rarely backstab. I’m more of a loyal player with kinda bad tencendies. Cus of course like I’m playing the game u know, I can’t be loyal to everyone. I’m also very social. Right when a game starts I talk to everyone, just so i can get a feel for them, and see what their intentions are. Most of the time I don’t even TALK GAME with em right when the game starts. I conversate about random shit. so they can also get a feel for me, and that’s how relationships get built. 
    Notable Group game experience:: Wilds Legacies, Baileys Big Brother, Survivor mamanuca islands, and Survivor ethos of course, which I made finals, that’s something right? Lol
    Why do you want to play The Chase? I’m a very determined player, and I mostly try to stay below the radar for the first half of the game, then it’s like I need to start making some moves to better my place in the game. I try not to be a physical threat with the challenges cus that will get me targeted, and that’s not a good thing. If I ABSOLUTELY have to win a challenge, it’s possible I could come through, that’s just how determined I am. I make my moves under the radar, so no one sees it coming. 
    waterkid6   New Competitor Application

    Name: Spencer
    Discord: y'all should have it i think
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8 I have school and soccer o.o
    Define your gameplay: Socialness is definitely my biggest strength, gonna have to use that to my advantage in this game.
    Notable Group Game Experience: PSBB3 - 8th / ZBB15 -8th / NBB3 -First / SJBB- First / Byevivor Atlantis -16th
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: 1.) The theme looks really cool and the background looks awesome. 2.) AJ told me to apply or else he'd do bad things to me... 3.) The format looks really cool and maybe it'll help me improve at challenges! 
    chesskid   New Competitor Application

    Name: Richard
    Discord: Richard (chesskid)#2376
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your gameplay: I'm like no other, I try my best to make sure everyone's happy, but at the end of the day I come first.
    Notable Group Game Experience: Group games, ummmmmmm I haven't typically done well in the but I am a fast game virtuoso
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: I played the fast game and made it to final 4, and I folled the back half of season 5 and LOVED it! So I'd really like to get my shot.
    ETitanic12   New Competitor Application

    Name: Eric
    Discord: ETitanic#1156
    Level of activity: 9/10
    Define your gameplay: Smart. I always know what position I am in and what move I have to be making. I would also say athletic, I know when my backs against the wall and will need to move a move. Sp Smart and physical. 
    Notable group game experiance: Wilds Legacy  RvR Coaches (survival choices) and CBBC2 
    Why do you want to play "The Chase": Why? Same as last time! I have watched the series and have been a huge fan since the begging and would love my own shot at being chased/chasing someone. I also love all the stores that go along with the episodes. The experiance looks amazing, just like Legacys was. 
    AwesomeLion   Returnee Application
    Name: Lion
    Discord: Lion#4632
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your gameplay: Under the radar goes with the group until I have to strike back
    Previous season played and placement: 15th
    Why do you deserve redemption?: I loved playing in the Chase and it sucked when I had to leave I really didn’t have much choice and I wasn’t in the worst spot either I made myself appear as an underdog but was never a name that got thrown around when I had to leave I was heartbroken because I didn’t think I could win but could definitely prove that I could make it far enough plus now I’m back and better than ever ready to crush anyone that gets in my way from winning this game. Also if I do manage to win it’ll be for Wadz the teamate I left behind felt bad bout that too.
    Nates_great   ughhhh i wants to play again :( 
    ak47man   Name: Aiden
    Discord: Ak47man15 #5966
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your gameplay: My gameplay is to try and lay back until I have a grasp on the game. Once I have that I am super loyal to who I can trust. I also will vote anyone that is not me or my alliance. 
    Notable Group Game Experience: Anon Survivor: Dungeon of Despair, Trustfall 4, Tommy’s Survivor 8 (currently)
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: I want to play because I have been a fan since Valhalla and I want u to give me the chance I so desperately want and need. 
    PacoP   Name: Steven
    Discord: wat dat
    Level of Activity (1-10): 3
    Define your gameplay: stronkg
    Previous season played and placement: 4th 4th
    Why do you deserve redemption?: i host so i know everytingg
    RussellvsRob2019   Sad I can’t continue my legendary crusade of terror... 
    blue clan for life love all my all stars 
    Charles   Name: Charles
    Discord: P.V.#0360
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your gameplay: That's A Mystery
    Notable Group Game Experience: None
    Why do you want to play “The Chase”: It looks like a lot of fun! I know I'm just a purple level, but that's only because I'm new here. My gameplay may surprise people and I would definitely take advantage of being casted in this game as a way to get my name out there.
    OhEm0507   LAMO @iiAmySunshine did the absolute most with her application xD
    brazelle   Name: Brazelle
    Discord: brazelle#7994
    Activity: 10
    Define My Gameplay: Strategic,Social and very Observant.
    Group Game Experience: Champions v Challengers. Sinners V Saints.
    Why I Want To Play: Because this game sounds super challenging and needy of smart balanced players in different aspects and i think i can bring that to the table! i am willing to fight to the death every round an wont give up any time. i am ready for this challenge BRING IT ON! Logo

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