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  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterNovember 06, 2017 18:44
    A Letter.
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014    lurking  entities 
    yswimmer96   Did you miss your daddy, @ZCageMaster?
    Jqred   Oh yes.... of course I have to apply! Every game deserves a two time winner
    Timman10   Best. of The Best
    TJP1122   So you’re saying there’s a chance!!!
    RobJok   Very Excited!
    Sake   Yes I am getting in. I am too good not to be considered. 
    Arceus   lol at @Sake you aint getting in
    Riot   Can't wait to play again
    Sake   I can play. Who cares about past players as they were not me. So cast me and the game will benefits itself with such a great personality as me. These so called All-Stars need to learn from me. 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterOctober 10, 2017 19:10
    Once More Unto the Breach...
    Spoiler alert!
    joeyc   There's been past seasons? 
    JakeP97   @Timman10 aka no one
    Timman10   This shows how many people actually read my recaps where in which CageMaster broke the news of allstars last season. 
    Puffs   For once I agree with Miss @johnnyscott1127 you only have 4 seasons of players to pick from, so you're probs gonna be scraping the bottom of the barrell.
    TJP1122   @BlueStar1367, I definitely would be ok with Second Chances versus All Stars!
    carterlinke01   I HAVENT HAD MY CHANCE!
    Nickg24689   YES
    Swish   YAS all stars! Third places stand the fuck up!
    BlueStar1367   Can allstars also mean second chances
    johnnyscott1127   jeez tbh this is a little early for All Stars, but interesting I suppose nonetheless. Just like SBBUK, I hope there's a slim chance you reconsider doing All Stars now. I feel you've gotta get at least a good 5-6 seasons in of an Official Zwooper Game to host All Stars. It's too soon!
    BostonRob524   Ohhhh yasss
    Arceus   oooh All-Stars 
    neme81   interesting
    Micks   oh yes
    bestkwarteng   Ayyyy
    Jqred   Hopefully I win again! 
    Big_Brother_Fan   Cries. I was going to apply, good luck everyone!
    Violet   i cant wait to be on all stars since i was the face of the cage 3
    survivorallstar   Unfortunate I missed season 4 
    RobJok   Hey Cage Daddy
    Jqred   Mood 
    xDimentio   oh shit.
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 21, 2017 16:46
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   another great season to another great game
    @RobJok was robbed
    JonJ   @RobJok was robbed
    Nickg24689   vvv
    Jqred   vvv
    GirlBye32   @joaquint561 was robbed
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 16, 2017 21:05
    Spoiler alert!
    jbeaudry3   LMMMMAO
    Werk   Was*
    Werk   It wasn't amazing to be apart of this season!.
    TJP1122   Congrats Jared!
    Arceus   Not a surprise at all. :)
    08SaraR   Well played!!! Grats!!! :D
    Parrish101   Grats <3
    Jqred   Thanks Everyone <3
    Fergalicious   ICON
    Big_Brother_Fan   Grats
    angeloxpo   Omg congrats <3 im so happy!!!
    JonJ   Congrats, Jqred
    Riot   Can't wait to return to all-stars!
    Jqred   @JaMarcus_Russell LMAOOOOO you've got me dead.
    JaMarcus_Russell   @ZCageMaster I think there's a says 'Winner', not '7th' lol 
    jk. Congrats @Jqred <3
    kkoster001   Congratulations!!!
    Jqred   @angeloxpo "You would never win the cage if you applied."


    But thank you everyone who voted me to win, this was an excellent game. Thank you for casting me @ZCageMaster. 
    Swish   Woot ! Congrats Jared you had my back day one I had yours we said we would get here and we did couldn't of had a more deserving winner 
    Nickg24689   Congrats Jared!!!
    xStqqd   Deserved
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 15, 2017 21:04
    Spoiler alert!
    Riot   I voted Swish, bc he's sadly not gonna get a lot of votes :(
    Jay   Well done final three. But I think Nick played the best game.
    a07strand   I know who I'm voting to win
    TJP1122   Congrats to Nick and Swish, but my vote goes to Jared!
    iiAmySunshine   Sorry to the other two, but @Jqred clearly deserves to win!
    Nickg24689   Plea coming out later tonight it's ready I'm just out with friends!
    Swish   Lmao feeling the love guys it helps to read pleas please!
    Arceus   What a blowout % LOL
    Sparky44   Either voting Nick or Jared.
    Timman10   Jared or Nick. I'm going in 
    RobbedGodess   Voting Nick to win!
    johnnyscott1127   Voting Nick to win! Good Luck!
    pantherking21   *stay
    pantherking21   Good luck guys :). Well deserved for Jared to say
    Vin014   I may not be his number one fan. but credit is due where it's due. Great season!
    dcg786   vote nick to win!
    xStqqd   No question Jared deserves to win here lmfao
    Fergalicious   GO JARED!!!
    Big_Brother_Fan   Good luck you three .. pretty sure I'm voting Nick to win though .
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 14, 2017 21:04
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 11
    Spoiler alert!
    xDimentio   #TeamJqred
    Micks   jqred seems to have clearly played the best game, saving him
    Big_Brother_Fan   Evicting Jqred
    Arceus   It's been a tough ride, It's bittersweet that I'm out but I was so close to finals. Definitely, been a difficult game for me thus far.!!! Congrats, Jared must win this season. :)
    Sparky44   Congrats Log on the win!
    xStqqd   oop!
    ianinator   gg arceus :(
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 13, 2017 21:22
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 10
    Spoiler alert!
    Sparky44   If jared doesn't go up... they all lose
    a07strand   SAVED ARCEUS
    xDimentio   #TeamNick
    CalebJ2005   #TeamJqred
    xStqqd   Jared slay!!!
    JaMarcus_Russell   #TeamSwish
    TJDawgiestlye   Did like a good player take Swishs account or something
    evanw919   Jared is obviously gonna win
    iiAmySunshine   Jqred definitely has my vote to win lol
    Nickg24689   As a super fan I'm happy as hell rn
    Micks   tbh at this point Jared needs to win.
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 12, 2017 21:15
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 9
    Spoiler alert!
    Werk   Evicting Arceus...
    Timman10   Jared has played a great game. 
    Big_Brother_Fan   Big three ?
    TJDawgiestlye   @iiAmySunshine GIVING HIM AWAY
    iiAmySunshine   @Jqred deserves the win tbqh. This is his THIRD supreme and he's only been up once? That's outstanding! #TeamJqred
    TJP1122   Can't believe Rob is gone :(
    JaMarcus_Russell   Wow close vote, sucks to see you go @RobJok :( 
    Very impresed with @Jqred to this point
    RobJok   Evicting UJ
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 11, 2017 21:16
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 8
    Spoiler alert!
    a07strand   When i just realize I won hahhaa Thanks @ZCageMaster
    Timman10   Yeah oops there @Micks but Jared also needed to go up. 
    pantherking21   Post will be coming when I get home from my friends house
    Micks   the people who wanted the arceus rob set probably should have made sure the point distribution was a little more balanced lol
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 10, 2017 21:24
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 7
    Spoiler alert!
    Nickg24689   Yes @johnnyscott1127  
    johnnyscott1127   Has pantherking been nominated yet?
    xDimentio   @Jqred Wasting his supreme.
    ArcturusDean   Arceus :(
    TJP1122   Werk should have stayed. Case closed.
    a07strand   Saving NickG and my boy Arceus!
    carterlinke01   Me at all the SBBUK houseguests getting the chips
    JaMarcus_Russell    Big_Brother_Fan 
    What a waste of nomination by Supreme
    Big_Brother_Fan   What a waste of nomination by Supreme I'm. Evicting Caleb.
    Jay   And shocked at Werk evicted over Swish
    Werk   Honestly robbed tbh i didn't deserve to go but I guess people didn't read my blog. So bitter lmao
    Jay   Lol what a messed up set
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 09, 2017 21:20
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 6
    Spoiler alert!
    angeloxpo   Ok arceus is so iconic i love him sm OMG IKA WONG
    Vin014    Jay   ~~THRESHOLD~~     
    Jay   ~~THRESHOLD~~
    carterlinke01   @Jqred it was me
    Jqred   Oop those 4 nom points! How fancy! Better not let me find out who you are :D
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 08, 2017 21:23
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 5
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   100% saving Arceus.
    a07strand   LOVING THIS SEASON THUS FAR! #SaveSupremeArceus
    Riot   Well @Werk fucked himself over!
    Big_Brother_Fan   100% saving Arceus. I think this twist is cool. Hopefully we will be able to get rid of someone from the huge majority.
    Big_Brother_Fan   The floaters who don't break rules dcg
    angeloxpo   Omg saving arceus the best of the best
    dcg786   LMAO and the floaters stay.
    ianinator   0.0% 
    carterlinke01   Woot! 25 free chips!!!
    Jay   Nice nominations That 0% eviction! Evicting wcplays
    Arceus   I haven't ratted or spread lies about  you @Werk. You are just a plain messy of a player. :)
    xDimentio   "Nickg24689 – 0.0%"

    I've never seen that before!  
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 07, 2017 21:29
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 4
    Spoiler alert!
    Jay   Rob be careful with that best regads cuz lannisters might send you their regards as well
    Jay   Evicting dcg at this point, hate that there is such a big majority
    TJP1122   Save DCG!!!
    xDimentio   yay! 25 Chips!
    waterkid6     Dolphin_Swag 
    Evicting DCG #TeamDolphin
    Patrick71101   Evicting Caleb
    Dolphin_Swag   Evicting DCG #TeamDolphin
    Micks   @Riot in that case I'll most likely vote to banish him too, I'll still wait for pleas though.
    Riot   @dcg786 is claiming the cage is rigged. So gladly evicting. Bc he doesn't wanna be in this rigged game I guess.
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 06, 2017 21:15
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 3
    Spoiler alert!
    Dolphin_Swag   I'm still #TeamDolphin tbh maybe I'll return in a shocking twist or something XD
    Big_Brother_Fan   @Micks my comment was referring the post that The Cage Master allowed everyone to make..
    Violet   why am i being evicted im not even in the game?? LOL
    xDimentio   3rd row on the top... that was my row too.
    Sparky44   Bye jacob
    Micks   They weren't allowed to make a plea for safety. their post was after they were nominated, and it went to a house vote. 
    Big_Brother_Fan   Plea*
    Big_Brother_Fan   Firstly I never said that any of the three nominiees made good posts explaining why they should be safe.. Did I? Secondly, yes it is. It's a pleasure for safety. So yes it does make sense.
    johnnyscott1127   Violet is getting evicted. Know thay
    Micks   @Big_Brother_Fan All 3 noms should have made better posts since they rarely can post, but the plea has nothing to do with a house vote so what you said made no sense
    Big_Brother_Fan   @Dolphin_Swag, next time make an actual plea. Not a blog with two sentences on why you should stay...
    evanw919   #TeamRob
    Dolphin_Swag   idrc that i brought shame to that spot bc everyone makes these games personal against me and they always take me out first which is the worst game move
    Big_Brother_Fan   Just what I was thinking @Jay
    Jay   This cage seems to have a big majority :S
    Jay   Dolphin had the same spot on memory as I did in season 3. You brought SHAME to that spot lmao
    Good luck nominees!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 05, 2017 21:17
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 2
    Spoiler alert!
    Big_Brother_Fan   #TeamCaleb #TeamArceus #TeamJqred
    xDimentio   Ohhhh I love gambling!
    TheBreeze   #TeamDolphin #TeamArc
    Shawty   Just read the whole thing, we don't evict... damnit lol
    Shawty   Who names themselves Dolphin Swag? Evicting that person
    Timman10   blog being written now
    Micks   I really like this lottery twist tbh
    Big_Brother_Fan   I forgot someone won a random chip drawing XD.
    waterkid6   Instead, the Inhabitants will be casting the sole votes to Banish. < yet there are 3 pleas out >-<
    carterlinke01   Oh wait I voted to evict. Rip
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 04, 2017 20:38
    THE CAGE 4 - DAY 1
    Spoiler alert!
    Timman10   Solid Cast Guys. Good Luck everybody will be really happy to add somebody to the Cage WInners Chat at end of season :)
    Big_Brother_Fan   still a nice twist.
    Big_Brother_Fan   I feel like this twist would be better a few rounds into the game..
    kongowongo   Yeah I agree with @Neiklaus I've never been a fan of evictions based solely on first impresssions, hopefully people at least read the short intro blogs so it isn't based on popularity alone.
    Patrick71101   I nominate ujm and Swish
    Nieklaus   @Sparky44 I  think it's cute if it's further in the game and people have something to base their votes off of. This is just obnoxious cause they are literally getting eliminated before they get the chance to play the game
    Sparky44   This twist sucks! I got out on it in ZBB. I just don't see the point of just having the public nominate... 
    joeyc   For PR purposes I wouldn't sign off by saying CM 
    xDimentio   I'm nominating the people who haven't made posts yet.
    Nieklaus   Um so the least popular players are just going up first? Rip gameplay
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 03, 2017 21:06
    Spoiler alert!
    Riot   Kinda shocked @RobbedGodess didn't get in
    Big_Brother_Fan   @JakeP97 Yeah, roughly half of the contestants are questionable. At least we will have an unexpected game! :-D
    Sparky44   Also #TeamDcg
    JakeP97   I think there are A LOT of questionable choices this season...but hey let's hope they can prove me wrong and give us all an exciting game. #AidanDeeWasRobbed #BlackLivesMatter
    Piddu   Good luck inhabitants! 
    angeloxpo   #TeamArceus
    HowLovely   idk why you would cast violet when hes probably gonna give up (again) like in all of his seasons
    Micks   no one is surprised werk got in because it got leaked. Anyone who makes a werk/swish set for round1 has my support lol
    Icelina   All male cast #Sexist
    Sparky44   #TeamDolphinSwag
    aidandee   @johnnyscott1127 my app was a joke sis I would've DECLINED
    johnnyscott1127   KatieJane has been one of his for awhile 
    Jay   Swish, dcg, jqred might be working together and having arceus, caleb, pantherking and dolphin as their sheeps. Just saying.
    joeyc   @KatieJane is @Violet
    Jay   Who is violets new account? @johnnyscott1127
    greenbay712   so I'm not allowed to play and half the cast is under 15 and is gonna have a mental breakdown and quit? good I didn't wanna play this fugly ass game anyways
    johnnyscott1127   LMAO aidandee getting cut, and I'm living Violet/millionaire playing twice 
    evanw919   This cast looks great!
    Big_Brother_Fan   #TeamCaleb #TeamArceus #TeamSwish
    ShanaeT   #TeamEveryone
    Jay   Just #TeamJoaquin Others seems boring as hell. Thank god we will not see some of them posting on talk page :D

    Phoebe   good luck, inhabitants!!
    Alanster   #TeamWerk #TeamJqred #TeamArceus #TeamNick 
    sorry for rating 2...
    xStqqd   oh and #TeamJoaquin
    Magic   #TeamWerk
    xStqqd   #TeamJqred #TeamArceus #TeamKatie #TeamRob #TeamNick 
    ianinator   good call the cage master. You put most of the annoying people in the game so they wont be able to post. Hehehehe jks
    jasonthesurvivor   Awwww :( 
    Good Luck Cast!
    TJDawgiestlye   Werk is a dickhead
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 30, 2017 17:03
    Applications for Season Four of THE CAGE close tomorrow! Submit your applications ASAP if you want a chance at winning hundreds of chips!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 26, 2017 00:33
    Spoiler alert!
    ZCageMaster   @TJDawgiestlye You see slim pickings, I see a wealth of potential.
    TJDawgiestlye   @ZCageMaster slim pickings this season
    RobJok   Name:Rob
    Age: 19
    Rank: 335
    Skype (MANDATORY): RobJok Zwooper
    Times Available (in Z-Time):  17:30zt-6:30zt
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: What I will bring to The Cage in Season Four is my intelligence, that is my best asset in group games. I am a schemer and I find creative ways to get the outcome I want in games. I also bring my lack of a life, therefore I will have lots of time to play this game, as well as my drive to win, I really want to participate and succeed in a public game and a game officially hosted by zwooper, I will play hard and do anything possible to win this game.
    CalebJ2005   If This Is Still Valid,
    Name: Caleb
    Age: 12
    Rank: 673
    Times Available: August 28 and on will be 20:00- 00:00 but before that all the time
     What Will you bring to season 4? I want to bring a new, fun , young still to the Cage that no one will see coming. I will be underrated and I'll use that to my advantage and get to the top. I will fight and NOT stop until I walk away with the prize :) 
    xDimentio   idk if returnees are allowed to apply, but I will anyways.

    Name: Draco
    Age: 14
    Rank: 1888 (Was maroon at one point in time.)
    Skype (MANDATORY): dracomc_
    Times Available (in Z-Time): Mondays / Thursdays - 13:00 - 21:15 ZT. Every other day: 13:00 ZT - 3:00 ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I want to change up my gameplay from season 1. I didn't get too far in season 1 because I relied too much off of other people, but this time I want to work for myself. I really do need to work on my public game too. Last time, I learned that only one person can be the difference. (I'm still heart-broken XD) This time I want to prove to the public that I can play this game with my heart and that I can play a good game as well.
    BostonRob524   Name: Chris
    Age: 17
    Rank: 46
    Skype (MANDATORY): ginger_chris2
    Times Available (in Z-Time): Like all the time tbh
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?:  I will bring entertainment, as well as good gameplay and strong startegy! I play with logic and reasoning, if there is something I have to do, in order to further my game you bet your ass I will! I will stop at nothing to outplay everyone else and take this game home myself! I can aswell talk my way out of situations when needed to, I mean got second place the first time around and this time, I will stop at nothing to get first place!
    aidandee   Name: Aidan
    Age: 19
    Rank: 187
    Skype (MANDATORY):
    Times Available (in Z-Time): M-F after 0ZT until 6ZT.
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: Addresses.

    Kidding! But I really want another chance to try myself in a public game and see how I can fare strategically. I have a reputation that precedes me that's focused on being flashy and aggressive and I sort of see this an opportunity to do just that. I can bring drama and follow rules and I'm not just going to let people be bullies. Also don't cast me if you're just going to cast a bunch of irrelevant people who will use my "name" as a threat to just send me in every week because I'm not in the mood for it. Cheers!
    hack_98   Name: Jared
    Age: 17
    Rank: 92
    Skype (MANDATORY): Jared.Zwooper
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 21:00-4:00
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: Fierce competition that will be very hard to beat. I can always give you something to blog about since i will not be able to on my own and I am really excited to have the chance to play. I can play at all angles of the game and I want to be pushed through all the punishments the cage can possibly offer me. I will bring the same kick-ass attitude i brought during ZBB5 and I hope it can pay off for me alng with my many other, varying skills
    rhydian1119   i will bring excitments unpredictabillity cant spoil too much
    rhydian1119   name rhydian
    age 15 16 tommoro
    rank 474
    skype johnnyscott5
    time avalable 16_4zt
    KatieJane   Name: Katie
    Age: 25
    Rank: 1074
    Skype (MANDATORY): katiexjane01
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 0ZT - 6ZT on my work days. All day every other day.
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I think I would bring a unique style of gameplay that hasn't been seen before. I have yet to play one of these games on Zwooper, but I already won a 24/7 and got 3rd in a Survival game, as well as having two Fast Survival wins. I am a very strategic and social person and I think I would bring awesome gameplay to this game. 
    jasonthesurvivor   Name:Jason
    Age: 13
    Rank: 254
    Skype (MANDATORY): JasonTheSurvivor (not the one with my face in it)
    Times Available (in Z-Time): ummmmm all day every day
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: My unique personality and gameplay
    dcg786   Name: dcg
    Age: 14
    Rank: 204
    Skype (MANDATORY): dcg zwooper
    Times Available (in Z-Time): usually 12zt-3zt is the best!
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: i will bring my ruthless game play and no mercy. if i hear some one wants me out i will spend no time trying to not get them out before i am out. i may not have a good social game but i have a flawless strategic game and i know for sure that will help me A LOT in this game. i hope you consider me :D
    Arceus   Name: Arcy 
    Age: 21
    Rank: 75
    Skype (MANDATORY):
    Times Available (in Z-Time): Anytime after 1ZT would be ideal. but I can go on whenever. 
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I will bring my sassy personality to spice up this cast. I tend to play with my brain a lot and I like all the strategy that goes on in a cast. I can also bring my social skills and be put to the test with them in this game. I'm very interested in this group game and I hope I can experience something different. 
    TJDawgiestlye   Wow... Look at all these... All stars
    Riot   I wish I waited till this season.. just for the bg.

    Goodluck Applicants! <333
    joaquint561   Name: Joaquin
    Age: 13
    Rank: 140
    Skype (MANDATORY): joaquint561
    Times Available (in Z-Time): All day (No - Life) :P
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I have never, ever played a game that was a official group game hosted by Zwooper. And, I think I can win this by brining my social game and my strategic game.
    Jqred   Name: Jared
    Age: 14
    Rank: 161
    Skype (MANDATORY): jtlm101
    Times Available (in Z-Time): All day literally.
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I will bring drama like I bring in every public game and my annoying petty blogs about members of the cast. I will bring a strong social and strategic game and do whatever it takes to win this game and not get 7th place like I got in ZBB and SuperBBUK. 
    KeshaRose   Name: Drew
    Age: 18
    Rank: 167
    Skype (MANDATORY): KeshaRoses
    Times Available (in Z-Time): All day everyday
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I will bring an unexpected element to the game. Not many people know what I am capable of but they know about who I am, so to see me live in action will be totally unexpected. I gurantee you if I am cast for this season, I will win. I have no doubt in my mind that I possess the qualities needed to win. 
    GirlBye32   Name: Kim
    Age: 20
    Rank: 325 
    Skype (MANDATORY): Kim.Lynch.Zwooper
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 9:00 ZT - 20:00 ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I think you should choose me to participate in The Cage 4 because i will fight my way to win this game! Im gonna sweat blood and ill break my whole body before ill leave the freaking cage.
    pantherking21   Name: Jayden
    Age: 14
    Rank: 643
    Skype (MANDATORY): pantherking21
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 13:00 ZT - 3:00 ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: Drama a bunch of shade and cutthroat gameplay. Floaters and snakes can grab a lifevest whenever i enter a game. I play my gsne for me and i guarantee that will cause hella drama. I will also bring 100% activity and not ne afraid to make moves.
    greenbay712   Name: Noah
    Age: 16
    Rank: 218
    1 ZT - 4 ZT
    I an a legendary QUEENA who is no stranger to public games. I came in 2nd/16 in HS7, 4th/18 in HS9, and 4th/16 in CBB2. I've played ZBB so I have the high-profile status necessary to dominate the game. Additionally, I am incredibly strong at Skype games, and thusly, I have what it takes to win a Supreme or two. My friendly demeanor keeps me off of being the target, while the little southern peach has a pit as hard as stone.
    Swish   Name: Marcus
    Age: 15
    Rank: 350
    Skype: derfred32 
    Time Available: - 6ZT- 22ZT
    What will you bring to the cage season four?: I will bring  you guys a player who can play the game and who has been waiting for their chance to shine and wants it more then anything I am a strong competitor and strongly opinated and will make the most of my time in the game! I will be 100% active and will make moves that benifiet no one but myself whilst getting people to think it helps them :) I want to play this game so badly and I think you guys could use me in this game 
    carterlinke01   Name: Carter
    Age: 15
    Rank: 450
    Skype (MANDATORY): Carter Linke
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 0ZT-3ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?:I bring a unique perspective on the game. Friendship, friendship, and more.... friendship. I play a strong social game and really have an emphasis on the strategic part as well. But with friendship comes deception, and I'm willing to decieve all the way to the end. So who wants to be best pals with Carter?
    Jay   Name: Jay the king
    Age: 22
    Rank: 66
     Skype (MANDATORY): jay1995.zwooper
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 10zt-24zt
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: Craziness, unpredictability and flawless of Jay. Ofc if I can play again :)
    Werk   Name: Jack
    Age: 13
    Skype (MANDATORY): 
    Times Available (in Z-Time): Well, it's the summer hols so I'll say 12zt - 23zt or 0zt (could be later if I'm not tired)
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I will bring myself and uniqueness because I'm not one to fade into the background. Going into ZBB14 and getting 16th really hurt me and kinda got me down, so then I entered lots more games and I've proved myself in all of those games I am a good player, who can cause drama, but still go far! There wont be a dull moment, know that!
    Brittany101   Name: Brittany
    Age: 18
    Rank: 252
    Skype (MANDATORY): ZBrittany101
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 19ZT- 9ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: myself and a newly found look at games honestly I play a loyal game but can be cutthroat at the same time
    Dolphin_Swag   Name: Dolphin
    Age: 16
    Rank: 997
    Skype (MANDATORY): bigbrotherfan0563
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 20ZT-4ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I want to play a game where I can really challenge myself and bring something to the table. I feel like I need to get competitive and start showing what I've got in group games. I really love to stir up the pot and have fun doing it. I am the king of chaos and I will bring out my wild side for The Cage 4!
    Nickg24689   Name: Nick
    Age: 16
    Rank: 536
    Skype (MANDATORY): Nick Gendro (- Nick - might also work
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 13ZT - 4ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: Honestly I just want to bring my real self and not some petty copy that I pretend to be... I want the nice social side to stay and assist me in the road to winning the cage! I think im ready to take a swing at this awseome game you have created Mr Cage!
    ujmlkio   Name: Ujm
    Age: 13
    Rank: 950
    Skype (MANDATORY): ujmlkio20
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 13ZT-3ZT
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I'll lie, cheat, steal, and pretty much whatever it takes to win this game
    Wcplays   Name: Drake
    Age: 18
    Rank: 1293
    Skype (MANDATORY): Wcplays
    Times Available (in Z-Time): Mostly always
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: My unique personality and myself what else can I bring without making false promises because I cant really say unique gameplay since my gameplay maybe the same of someone in the past. So I'll just say what I bring to any game and that is myself
    Nates_great   nate
    pretty much always
    drama confusion action

    Micks   one of my favorite games K've played, you should definitely apply!
    RobbedGodess   Name: Shawn
    Age: 17
    Rank: 132
    Skype (MANDATORY): Shawndorman12
    Times Available (in Z-Time): I should always be available 17:00 Zwoopertime and after because I work and have drivers ed but I dont work too late. Ill be able to play when you need me if thats what your asking! ;)
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I will promise you that this season I will try my 100% hardest and REALLY play this game. I have two seasons of ZBB under my belt and while it was great to even be casted I couldve done alot better then I actually did. My friends Jace, Chris, and Justin have all begged me to apply and here I am! Choose me and I promise you will not be regretting it I will bring my best game and I will stab anyone in the back I need to in order to win this game.
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dylan
    Age: 18
    Rank: 549
    Skype (MANDATORY): Dylan (ArcturusDean)
    Times Available (in Z-Time): 0ZT- 6ZT on mobile 6ZT-14ZT on computer
    What will you bring to Season Four of The Cage?: I can bring drama, strategy and most importantly, lies. I will play an all out war game. I will not stop until I am evicted. Lies, manipulation and excruciating pain for the others! All to make me laugh.
    (oh yeah. Did I mention I am insane?....)
    Big_Brother_Fan   It kills me I can't play this season.. good luck to everyone who allies!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 20, 2017 19:23
    A Week Away
    Applications for The Cage 4 will be posted next week. 

    BlueStar1367   Never forget to vote
    Dswag   all New cast please
    joaquint561   im going to read the rules, seems exciting 
    Vin014   I can't wait for my takeover twist ;)
    Riot   Hope I can be the first comeback queen!
    Puffs   Idk what that is
    dcg786   sweet
    Jace   @RobbedGodess, hell yeah you are.
    pantherking21   Hoping I get in to this litty game :)
    RobbedGodess   Honestly have heard some great stuff about this game so im going to be reading over the rules and applying! :) 
    joeyc   Aw, hey Solange!
    Jay   Nice :)
    CalebJ2005   Yas

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