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  • JakeP97
    JakeP97May 06, 2018 20:30
    ♛ I Love Money ORG | Applications ♛
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   Ruh roh
    Sparky44   @ skype
    AwesomeLion   I’ve never played hopefully I will this time
    Clash   I will definitely apply! xo
    Electra   SHUT THE FUCK UP
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 20, 2017 00:20
    I Love Money | Goodbye For Now
    Spoiler alert!

    wildpoppy136   Thanks for letting me play!
    ArcturusDean   It was an honor to play, even though I didn't do as well as I hoped
    djkaywire   Those were the days man. 
    SwagSwag   my favourite group game </3
    GirlBye32   I stan
    TheBreeze   Despite our differences you are a great host, enjoyed my season and watching the others play out
    exploremedora   Thanks for putting so much into everything you do on Zwooper Jakey!
    johnnyscott1127   Easily one of the best games I've ever played. Thank you Jake for hosting. It will be one of the most remembered series' Zwooper has ever seen <3
    SuperDoodle   So sad I only got to play once. 
    jbeaudry3   I'm sad 
    Z_John   Do AS2!
    McKenna   you should have a final season of all returnees and ur favorites
    Electra   good riddance
    survivorallstar   You were a great host and I enjoyed playing even though I had my call recorded 
    Vlatemier   oh never mind he changed it before he went Xx.
    Vlatemier   tj's avi being in jail, how ironic
    Peyton   Awe :( I had such a great time playing the few rounds I got to. Thanks for casting me Jake
    Sparky44   I'm sorry I Love Money, but your check has been voided.
    Parrish101   Sad to hear </3 But you've done a great job hosting every season and can't wait to see what you try out when you're hosting again!
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 19, 2017 02:06
    I Love Money 8 | FINALE
    Spoiler alert!
    rvandereb   @Shoib you cared a lot don't lie
    Shoib   @Jqred @rvandereb If you think I cared who won you should re evaluate, I literally got TRIGGERED by his reasonings
    Jqred   @km1997 you and @Shoib convinced him not to vote for me, pretty dumb since you weren't even in the game but okay. Luckily I'm still happy Cameron won.
    SwagSwag   wow what a finale
    Fanny   LEGEND WINNER !
    JaMarcus_Russell   Congrats Cam. VERY well deserved :)
    km1997   Cameron you really deserved this. The blow by blow you gave really showed how much you wanted it. Deserved it and got it. 
    Also, suck my taint Rvan. Mystery said cameron played better but his reason for voting jqred was actual bs. So go suck on that. 
    jbeaudry3   lmao players robbery
    Alvarovidalpuga   mckenna im not friends with cameron lol
    rvandereb   It's good to know that Shoib and Kenny managed to bully Mystery into voting for Cameron 
    eduardo245   Congrats Cameron 
    km1997   *Cameron yesterday* Kenny you’re actually one of the best ILM players ever. Haha. xD rawr
    Parrish101   Gratssss!
    iiAmySunshine   @xStqqd so Cameron played a terrible game, but you told him that he was winning no matter what? That makes no sense
    McKenna   @iiAmySunshine , @CameronElite 1. played a terrible game but only reason he won was because all his friends were on the jury (no shade u desereved it cam for sure) and 2nd of all I knew jqred wouldnt win but I had to give him the vote lol.
    Jqred   Congrats Cameron <3 :D
    iiAmySunshine   But YAS TO MY BABY! YOU DID #that <3
    CameronElite   @km1997 Let me have my moment quitter boyyyy!!!
    iiAmySunshine   Wow, McKenna with that bitter vote. We all love us a bitter queen <3
    CameronElite   I'm so very grateful. As someone who wasn't even meant to be in the cast, I tryed my hardest to prove that I belonged. Thank you for the opportunity Jake.
    km1997   Wow. Never thot I’d see a worse winner than JJ. 
    McKenna   robbed of hosts favorite
    Sparky44   grats cam!!!
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 18, 2017 00:20
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 12 "You Just Cost Yourself The Win"
    Spoiler alert!
    Shiniquax   If Cameron doesn't win this jury is so bitter!
    angeloxpo   jqred or cameron should win 
    McKenna   ok as a player, cameron and jqred definately deserve it more then cam. Im not bitter at cam, but cam did absoulutely nothing this game
    Sparky44   daniel isn't winning lmaooo
    JaMarcus_Russell   Cmon Cam earned this
    iiAmySunshine   Go Cameron! He legit deserves this win! <3
    CameronElite   YEET. Plea coming when I get home.
    Alanster   Congrats Jared
    Peyton   @Jqred better win :|
    ExoticSimmer   mckenna was robbed :-((
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 17, 2017 08:07
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 10 & 11 "It's Down To The Wire"
    Spoiler alert!
    eduardo245   Yikes. Oh well. @johnnyscott1127 I agree
    Alvarovidalpuga   @Piddu, most in the jury agrees that mckenna or cameron would win, it was not the best decision and most agrees hes been sheeping mckena as well. So no, not the better decision it was quiet idiotic imo
    Piddu   Why does everyone think Mckenna will win? Alvaro getting personal when Jared made the better decision.
    johnnyscott1127   booooooooooooo bad episode boooooooooo #ThisCastRACIST #LatinoJustice
    Peejoit   Jqred is such a savage. Love watching him play and can't wait for the next episode to see what McKenna does. Hopefully the two extras do something fun for the finish or this is Jqred vs. McKenna.
    Peyton   Jared clearly deserves this the most.
    Jqred   @Swish no it wasn't... If it was fake why would I nominate her lmao I swear some people don't read. 
    JaMarcus_Russell   YOU GOT THIS CAM
    ArcturusDean   #TeamCameron
    CameronElite   What an absolutely peculiar edit lmao
    Isbnm   RIp the dream season 6 guys
    Swish   Fight between Jared and McKenna was fake calling it 
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 16, 2017 19:19
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 9 "It's Time To Dethrone The King"
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   "Dethroning the king" I hope you have a good lawyer, bc @sharatennis will be suing your ass.
    TJP1122   I'd honestly be ok with anyone from the remaining six winning this. I want Ed to bring it home for Season 6, but I'm happy with any ending of this season.
    Isbnm   Iconic Ed bringing it home for season 6
    JaMarcus_Russell   Let's go Cam! 3 more rounds
    iiAmySunshine   Honestly, Jayden seemed a little extra when he got nominated (no offense). Anyways #TeamCameron
    exploremedora   DEAD at Jayden's elimination. Bless his soul. I had such a great time playing. Good luck to the rest of the cast!
    johnnyscott1127   WHAT AN EPISODE #TEAMEDUARDO
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 11, 2017 00:46
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 8 "Flipper? Do I Look Like A Pancake To You?"
    Spoiler alert!
    McKenna   @Frozen I actually was busy and couldnt play PM but ok
    Frozen   McKenna should have gone for being a dud of a human being. If she doesn't compete she's useless. She insults her allies, so she's not loyal. Her plea was just a list of reasons to void her and if she'd have been voided you'd have had two people in your back pocket, instead you become a third wheel.
    exploremedora   Lmao I’m the the person the nominees say they want out during every single power outing. 
    Parrish101   Cringe @ that episode title.... but yass Alvaro getting PM
    Sparky44   aw mckenna doesnt love you
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 07, 2017 21:31
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 7 "This Is Like A Bad Rom-Com"
    Spoiler alert!
    Frozen   #TeamTyler
    and McKenna sucks
    superherotommy   I cringed SO HARD
    Isbnm   Ew why are all the baes getting voided. Season 6 doesn't seem so bad now 
    km1997   Still making quality eps 8 seasons in
    Violet   mystery you are a waste of air and space on this earth and i cannot wait for you to get what you deserve, not online but irl. xx 
    JakeP97   @TJP1122 rvandereb quit and said she was quitting. I gave her multiple chances to change her mind but after a few hours she still didn’t want to play so I made it official. She tried to get back in later but the next round started. Mystery said he quit then changed his mind 5 minutes later 
    Arceus   Tyler snatchin that ep title ;)
    TJP1122   Wait, didn't @rvandereb get kicked out of ILM4 because she said she was going to quit and was joking about it, yet @Mystery doesn't get kicked out for saying he was going to quit...?
    Margaret   lmfao
    Cerci   Dumbass
    exploremedora   IM CROAKING 
    Sparky44   oh wow mystery is a virginia
    johnnyscott1127   Mystery literally made one of the most bone headed decisions I've ever seen NVJDKLANCJKLADNSJKLCNASKLJD
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 04, 2017 18:20
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 6 "You're A Creep"
    Spoiler alert!
    km1997   If only one of the three guys Mystery nominated had a va-jay-jay 
    Arceus   wow i didnt know Jared was nominated!
    Sparky44   shakes
    eduardo245   Dead @ you including the picture I sent
    JakeP97   @Jqred 

    Peyton   Why is Alvaro tagged as 16th? Lol
    CameronElite   Look at that epic spike in airtime. Legends only.
    Jqred   Me @ this edit I said one of my allies turned on me because you forgot to include the part where you screwed up the noms and said I was nommed! 
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 03, 2017 16:13
    I Love Money 8 | Returnee Competition
    Spoiler alert!
    Frozen   Tyler held his own which was awesome, Alvaro returned which was awesome and the gifs where great. Good episode :) but why anyone would recite Roxxy's verse from all stars 2 is beyond me, she was the worst contestant
    ArcturusDean   Damn it. I fell asleep.before voting
    Arceus   I'm happy Alvaro is back!!!
    TJP1122   After going out second in ILM7 and first here, I really want to see what Alvaro can do.
    Evilgenious448   Yesss my pick to win back from 16th place, what a legend
    Parrish101   yassss, hopefully he finally gets a chance to legit play 
    Chilltown56   YES! Happy to see Alvaro get another shot!
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97November 01, 2017 17:54
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 5 "Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth"
    Spoiler alert!
    Frozen   I think the dead weight got cut this round and we're about to really get into the game 
    Peyton   I never said it does?
    Sparky44   @Big_Brother_Fan Just because people void you, doesn't make them a sheep. 
    Parrish101   aw Peyton Shawn Justin </3 
    Peyton   Sparky is a weak ass sheep!
    Riot   Well a lot of air time, and I literally can't wait to watch jacob take down Mystery, even though Mystery saved him.
    kkoster001   Good week
    angeloxpo   yasssss jayden snapped!
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97October 29, 2017 19:38
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 4 "You're Toxic To This Team"
    Spoiler alert!
    Sparkle   im shocked its made it past 5 ssns
    Frozen   Reading through it you could tell Dean was getting voided; the loud people always stay
    Arceus   good week! Tyler<3
    km1997   jayden and Tyler slaying. werk
    angeloxpo   jayden ftw 
    Parrish101   Green Team still woulda lost if Peyton had submitted a score of like 400 lol..... Loving all the drama though, game is looking pretty intense and amazing so far
    Violet   i invented being paymaster
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97October 24, 2017 20:45
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 3 "You Made A Big Mistake"
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   I stand with @exploremedora!!!!
    Bye   Tragic.
    exploremedora   Lol love you arceus
    superherotommy   last gg i play for a long time 

    Seems im the new target when people want to "make a move" for no reason 
    Arceus   Boo Tyler, you suck!
    exploremedora   La dee da it’s all my fault! 
    Parrish101   Great ep
    Sparky44   rip thomas
    Micks   tyler is iconic
    Violet   whew i did that
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97October 21, 2017 00:31
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 2 "You Can Tuck That Little Thing?"
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Thanks @Piddu
    Piddu   This person Peyton is probably my least favorite this episode. Drama seems forced, kinda immature and can't keep his shit together, and I can see the entitlement people were referring too (simply based off the edited ep!)
    Arceus   Tyler 
    Parrish101   oops, livingggg for the karma he got for throwing the challenge. This season is already more entertaining than s6
    Sparky44   rip king of 145th place
    exploremedora   @Riot Cheated by the edit 
    Riot   There is so much missing in the fight between me and Mystery.. oh jeez
    Violet   SHA BYE!
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97October 18, 2017 20:34
    I Love Money 8 | Episode 1 "It's Gonna Be A Bloodbath"
    Spoiler alert!
    kkoster001   Alvaro QWEEN
    Frozen   Excited for this season :D but bummed Alvaro got eliminated first. It was just cold to not even let him plea especially round one, and the term "big threat" has by far been made redundant by this season, as they always go home.
    Bye   Piddu 
    Why would you not let all 3 nominees plead their case, maybe he had something better to offer? Anyway shitty gameplay that didn't even translate into good TV.

    "I wish you didn't hate life so much" is the best read of the episode

    These things I agree with ^
    klelijah   "I wish you didn't hate life so much." lmaooooooo. 
    Piddu   Why would you not let all 3 nominees plead their case, maybe he had something better to offer? Anyway shitty gameplay that didn't even translate into good TV. 
    TheBreeze   Nooo Alva :/
    exploremedora   "Alvaro I don't need to hear from you"
    Sparky44   @TJP1122 rip the iconic f3 of me/you/brodie 
    RobbedGodess   @QueenBeth "The Lack of maturity you clearly dont posess" You just used a double negative you bitch LEARN HOW TO ENGLISH. & thats coming from a girl who cant spell GODDDess! 
    QueenBeth   thanks
    TombRaider   drama
    SuperDoodle   "I wish you didn't hate life so much" is the best read of the episode
    Peyton   @QueenBeth, it kinda did. But I'll leave you out of it if you care.
    Cartur   Wait so is @Riot Liz? That would be good tv
    QueenBeth   @Big_Brother_Fan the fact you still have my name in my mouth when i havent acknowledged your existance since sbbuk just shows the lack of maturity you clearly don't possess. your opinion on me is not needed nor relevant to the conversation you were having, so please keep my name out of your mouth, thanks so much
    Peyton   @joeyc.. extra? You think that's extra? I called someone out, not too sure what you would've done but I wasn't going to let him nominate me without a fight. I called out Jayden (panther) in pms and that got him to not nominate me. So why not try it with Lovely? And it is cringe when @QueenBeth does it, at least when I read it.
    joeyc   @Big_Brother_Fan No, it's because you're trying way too hard to be extra and dramatic for attention, you're not @QueenBeth, you can't pull it off w/o it being cringe. I don't hate you, I just find you even more annoying now than when you were neverbird
    turkeygoodridge   No no no, there can't be another Tyler, i am THE Tyler. Get rid of him.
    Parrish101   Alvaro gone too early once again </3
    Peyton   @joeyc nah, it's just because you dislike me so much. Maybe if you didn't dislike me as much as you do you'd take what I say in a non-cringy way.
    TJP1122   @Sparky44, my ILM6 buddy killing it already! Way to go!
    Peyton   First off, I take credit for posting that Ika gif in the ILM chat. Yes I did that! Secondly, I am NOT a floater. I will not let some noob go around trying to be relevant by calling me a FLOATER! You're the one who came for me, so yes, I will come for your cheap ass.

    joeyc   Peyton is cringe AF
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97October 15, 2017 19:45
    I Love Money 8 | Cast Reveal + Pick To Win!
    Spoiler alert!
    popular   IM TEAM EDUARDO
    eduardo245   @TJDawgiestyle His bitch ass never warned us
    angeloxpo   wow i shouldve applied.. cast looking a bit phat
    TJDawgiestyle   These might just be the worst I love money avatars I've ever seen in my life
    Icelina   *hugs Bye*
    JakeP97   ***PICK TO WIN IS  FULL!***
    Bye   sobs
    Bye   Robbed/Riot
    dcg786   robb and riot
    4Real   panther..
    TombRaider   howlovely
    TombRaider   mystery
    Helenor1000   ArcturusDean
    JakeP97   ArcturusDean, HowLovely, pantherking21 & Mystery are left to be picked!
    Puffs   player2014
    Puffs   oh me she's already taken
    Puffs   VIOLET
    kkoster001   Jqred
    Arceus   exploremedora
    Loudnesoverload   Big Brother fan
    Icelina   Eduardo
    Jace   CameronElite
    km1997   Mystery. 
    Micks   sparky44
    ExoticSimmer   McKenna
    Piddu   @Violet 
    neme81   Violet
    Evilgenious448   @Alvarovidalpuga the legend himself
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97July 04, 2017 01:51
    I Love Money 7: Fans vs. Flops | FINALE
    Spoiler alert!
    SwagSwag   Matty? Fan Favourite? Sorry was i missing something this whole season?
    Arceus   Thanks @Runaways for your vote :]
    Werk   Well done TJ! Well deserved!
    Margaret   Congrats TJ!
    Riku1274   Thanks Jake and thank you tj for being my first winning winner pick ever!!
    Arceus   Thanks Jake for believing in me when none of these assholes didnt! ;)
    JaMarcus_Russell   @TJDawgiestlye 
    rip me
    JaMarcus_Russell   Grats @TJDawgieStlye, well deserved !!
    08SaraR   I knew it TJ, I knew it! ;)
    TJDawgiestyle   @08SaraR I did it all for you and only you
    08SaraR   And all the hard work paid off! Grats TJ! :P
    Piddu   LOL @SwagSwag was my favorite juror. He went on a tangent making it all about him #LegendsOnly
    TJP1122   Congrats TJ!!! I'm so happy for you!!!
    klelijah   @Brittany101 my robbed goddess.
    jasonthesurvivor   Congrats TJ 
    But now its time for me to win S8!
    CalebJ2005   Congrats 
    DoctorWho   Congrats TJ!
    TJDawgiestyle   @Sparky44 host favorite
    Isbnm   Welcome to the 3rd place club Arceus
    CameronElite   AYYYYYYY
    Sparky44   Matty was host fav, not fan fav LOL
    dcg786   dang. really wanted brit to win!!! dw girl u won in my book!
    Parrish101   Grats TJ!
    TJDawgiestyle   GIVE ME THAT
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97July 02, 2017 22:44
    I Love Money 7: Fans vs. Flops | Episode 14 "It's Down To The Wire"
    Spoiler alert!
    Riku1274   Yes yes yes go tj!!!!
    Isbnm   Who's gonna join the 3rd place club
    jbeaudry3   Tj played an absolutely FLAWLESS game 
    if he doesn't win by a unanomous vote i will
    be stunned seeing as Arceus and Brittany literally floated
    The people who let this kid get to the end are idiotic
    congratulations tj 
    Arceus   I'm really glad Im here! thanks jake :)
    TJDawgiestyle   That is 100% not true. I was pissed you threw me under the bus, and anytime I mentioned needing to get rid of you it was for game reason and you said things against me as well run
    Runaways   TJ played a good game, but was horrible to me throughout the game, calling me names and was really mean and I was not one to call him names, so for once it was not justified?? 
    Chilltown56   Don't be salty Matty. He played good enough to sit in F3 and win. 
    TJP1122   TJ Dawgie Dawg for the win! That's right!!!
    Sparky44   Told @Werk Devon would win or whoever voided him would, grats to you 3!
    Arceus   Swagswag still pressed over TJ voiding his ass :)
    SwagSwag   TJ played an amazing strategic game but his social game was weak. 
    However, all of the final 3 had a weak social game which is why players like myself and devon were deemed as their threats.
    mattyiscool   Where are you even sitting?
    Chilltown56   TJ played a hell of a game from where I am sitting 
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97July 01, 2017 22:51
    I Love Money 7: Fans vs. Flops | Episode 13 "This House Is Full Of Rats"
    Spoiler alert!
    Werk   #ILMCancelled
    Disgusting final 4.
    Afroditee   The moment i left the game the season went downhill
    Arceus   Ya'll are salty.... mhmmm
    Riku1274   Yay go tj for my best winner pick ever!!
    popular   ILM7 is tragic....................
    Isbnm   Suddenly season 6 isn't looking so bad
    SwagSwag   how can a final 4 be so disgusting. i struggled throughout this whole game having to deal with so many awful personalities, i deserve an award for that.
    Runaways   #NotMyILM
    TJDawgiestyle   Three. Young. Niggas. NEVA. Did. A. Single. Pushup
  • JakeP97
    JakeP97June 27, 2017 18:55
    I Love Money 7: Fans vs. Flops | Episode 11 & 12 "Don't You DARE Put Words In My Mouth!"
    Spoiler alert!
    DoctorWho   LMFAO I cant with this episode....TJ, what are you doing losing jury votes?!
    Frozen   3 Flops and 3 Fans left, exciting!
    Piddu   @TheBreeze you are always in some kind of drama, holy shit. STFU and log out bitch. 
    mattyiscool   Opps I can't copy stuff
    mattyiscool   thats cause Jake knows i am the true winner on June 27, 2017 20:27   Runaways   TJ WAS NOMINATED AND NOT VOIDED? M O R O N I C  This is comming from 2 jurors now
    Afroditee   @Timman10  thats cause Jake knows i am the true winner
    M O R O N I C 
    klelijah   @TJDawgiestlye never said it was.
    TheBreeze   For anyone curious about the non-game related issue, I had approched Arceus to ask Matty why he blocked me. A very simple question. Matty turned on him because he realized we were friends and was paranoid I would be influencing the game against him, through Arceus.

    It is a shame you let your hatred for me cloud your judgement @mattyiscool I thought we had made amends over our past beef but I guess you weren't sincere? I know I was, I hope you can find peace with what went down between us in the past and move on.
    TJDawgiestyle   @klelijah wasn't even personal
    Sparky44   NINJA LOL
    klelijah   tj ruining any chance of getting matty's jury vote gives me life.
    Timman10   Afroditee is not gray on the memory wall. 
    SwagSwag   stay shook girls!! SwagSwag is in the HOUSSEEE
    dcg786   im screaming at ninja! Logo

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